Writing the title (aka the product name) for this post has already tired me out!  In order to make this review easier to read, I shall refer to Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Hyper Hydrator With Coconut Water MCT as Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser (as it is known as on the Kit Cosmetics and Boots websites…even though it has another name on the Sephora website!!)  Before I crack on with my review, I just need a little time-out to get a breather and write a quick letter…

Dear Brands, please make your product names short and concise AND universally accepted with the one name which will make it easier for us mere mortals.  Thanking you in advance, Ling”

Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturizer, Dr Perricone

Product Claims

As light and refreshing as water from a freshly tapped coconut, this tropical topical treat leaves skin soft to the touch and smelling sweet.  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), fatty acid esters found in coconuts, are easily absorbed to quench your skin’s thirst.  So satisfying, your skin will say Ahhh!

My Thoughts

I am a newbie to this brand but I was hyped up to try Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser because it is created by a dermatologist, Dr Perricone.  Being a skin doctor, he would know his stuff, right?

I liked how “green” the box packaging was – recycled paper and all that jazz.  And then the jar…?  But then there’s a wee black spatula for the finger-dipping haters out there.  For me, I never use any spatulas that are provided (nope, not even when I used the ultra-exxy Creme de La Mer) because yes, your fingers may have germs…but so will a spatula (unless sterilised prior to use).

RRP for 30ml – AU : $62.95 | UK : £29.50 | US : $40
I am British so I still think in UK prices and I would think it’s a reasonable price (in fact, I just checked  the currency exchange rate and it’s cheaper than the US price!)  It’s a good price in US but if I had to buy this in Australia, I would hesitate.  I mean, I love Australia ‘n’ all, but why the jacked-up prices of the same products even though AUD is so strong?!!

I am not the biggest fan of coconut, but I am not as bad as I used to be because last year, I started drinking coconut water and using a couple of coconut-scented products.  However, I am not a fan of milk and I never will be.  Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser smells like coconut plus milk. And I didn’t like it.  But it didn’t deter me from using it because I am a beauty blogger, after all.

I have very dry skin so I never apply moisturiser on its own and need an extra boost with serum.  With Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser, I used Seruderm underneath.  And the serum was good, but the moisturiser wasn’t rich and hydrating enough for my skin.

It’s a shame really because the moisturiser is light and absorbs well and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue – but it’s not enough and my skin wanted more.  I tried to use the entire tub, but got through halfway (which took about 3.5 weeks) and then passed the rest to a friend who has oily skin and needs a light Summer moisturiser.  She loved it!

There are some products I trial and love…but then there are some products I trial and don’t love as much.  Unfortunately, Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Hyper Hydrator With Coconut Water MCT is in the latter category.  But everyone has different skin so it’s a good thing my friend loved it 🙂

Disclaimer :  PR sample.

Have you tried any products by Dr Perricone?  Do you prefer your skincare to be backed by dermatologists or celebrities?