When I was younger, I went through a rebellious stage – who doesn’t? I went a bit crazy and got multiple piercings on my ears and my belly button. Altogether, I had 7 ear holes! My Mum was none-too-pleased! And worst of all, the 2 ear holes on the helix of my ear got infected and it was painful and grew into a large ball and I had to see a skin specialist in the hospital. The specialist advised no more piercings

After all that hoo-ha, 4 of the ear holes closes up and nowadays, I only wear one pair of earrings. I think that earrings can really brighten up an outfit. I like long dangly statement earrings because I tend to wear a minimalistic necklace of a bunny (gifted to me by my Hubby) and I need some bling to stand out.

earrings, sparkly, bling

Imagine my delight when I walked past Equip accessories store the other day.  My eyes always zone in for the Sales section.   I love bargains.

I found these gorgeous blingin’ earrings. Sparkly, pretty things. Originally, they cost $19.99AUD, but they had been reduced to $4.95. I snapped them up.  I think they will look good for this wedding I am attending next weekend.  Wait till I show you what I will be wearing!

If you want to look at their range, they have a website http://www.equipyourself.com.au or go and visit your nearest store and pick up a bargain pair of earrings too.