Experimenting With Brow Stencils

One day, a Melbourne beauty blogger called Ling decided to buy a pack of brow stencils from one of her favourite Asian stores, Sasa.

eyebrow pencil

Of course, you can’t use an ordinary pencil with brow stencils so she also bought a light brown eyebrow pencil, Brows Up Eyebrow Pencil.

It cannot be that difficult to redefine brows with a brow stencil, right?  WRONG!  As you can see, Ling had great difficulty positioning the brow stencil upon her brows and ended up squishing her eyeballs.

She actually quite liked the eyebrow pencil because it had a lovely shade which wasn’t too harsh.  However, when she removed the brow stencil, she ended up with this…

…thick caterpillar brows!!  BAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!!

The End.

LOL!  Clearly, I need help!  How on earth can I redefine my brows??  When I draw them on, it looks terrible.  When I use a brow stencil, it looks even worse!  HELP!!!!  How do you do your brows?