My name is Ling and I am Asian and I have a stupid eyelid.  Before I tell you more about my stupid eyelid, please allow me to give you a quick intro on Asian eyelids – there are the monolids (one type) and the double lids (many types).  If you have monolids, you will most likely desire double lids (please correct me if I am wrong) and if you have double lids, you will be happy and you will not desire monolids (again, correct me if I am wrong).  However, it’s not that simple…because your right eyelid may not be the same as your left eyelid!  As a result, Asian eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is the most common facial surgical procedure amongst Asians.

(In fact, I was speaking to a girlfriend today.  She has just returned from a trip to Singapore and she got her eyelids stitched there for $1800 AUD and it looks AMAZING!  I WANT!!!!  She said it hurt like Mother F when local anaesthetic was administered to the inside of her eyelid.)

Types Of Asian Eyelids

a) Asian eye with single eyelid, no crease (aka : monolid)
b) Asian eyelid with crease (aka : double lid)
c) Asian eyelid with broken or non-continuous crease
d) Asian eyelid with partial crease
e) Asian eye with multiple eyelid creases
f) Asian eyelid with nasally tapered crease and some widening on the outer end
g) Asian eyelid with parallel crease
h) Typical Caucasian eyelid crease (semi-lunar) (Note : non-Asian)





My Hooded Eyelid

Now I was born and blessed with double eyelids – both of type f).  But in recent years, my right double eyelid has turned from an f) into a d) and if you add the ageing process and gravity into the equation as well, you will notice that my beautiful right double eyelid has indeed turned into a stupid hooded right eyelid!!!

This hood makes my eye look tired and droopy.  My upper lashes don’t curl up as well.  *cries*

Instead of jumping on the next plane to Asia and paying a top Asian surgeon to give me eyelid surgery, I went to my local Daiso store (Daiso is a Japanese store and every product is $2.80 AUD in Australia) and bought a packet of their eyelid tape.  Obviously I would prefer the former option, but we have no moolah for such luxuries – sigh!!

The packet comes with 30 pairs of eyelid tape and a white plastic stick (which is used for pushing, apparently).  I followed the instructions as best as I could…( read : I did NOT wipe my eyelids and I did NOT measure my eyelid and cut the tape as instructed.  I just took out a piece of tape and stuck it on my lid and poked my eyeball with the stick!)

Trust me!  It looks more difficult than it looks to use eyelid tape.  It was my first attempt and because I did not follow the exact instructions, the tape didn’t stick on so well at the edges…even though it was a bit of a fail, I could see an improvement already.  Check it out!

I googled the use of eyelid tape and some recommend using it on top of make-up and some recommend a thicker type and some recommend a different brand.  There’s a whole new world on eyelid tape on the internet!!!

I just need a bit more practice to perfect the eyelid tape placement…but at the same time, I’m a bit apprehensive about using it in public.  I mean, it’s pretty hard to conceal…and what if it started unpeeling at the edges…hmmm…??  Time to start saving for eyelid surgery methinks!!!

Have you used eyelid tape before?  Or have you had your eyelids stitched?  Please share your experiences or recommendations.