I think it’s the week for French beauty products!  On Monday, there was Dior and on Tuesday, we had Laura Mercier and today, we have BIODERMA – a popular French skincare beauty brand which made its way to Australia last year.  Famous celebrities have raved about BIODERMA Crealine Sensibio H2O, the miracle water make-up remover, but there are other awesome products in the range too.

Here are my top 3 favourites :-

1.  BIODERMA Crealine H2O (now known as Sensibio)

DUH!  Of course, I love this miracle water.  I have an entire blog post dedicated to its awesomeness { read my awesome review if you haven’t already }  The best news ever is that it is now available in a flat top pump dispenser in 500ml in Australia.

2.   BIODERMA Atoderm  Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel (somehow sounds sexier in French ‘Gel moussant’)

The Atoderm range is AMAZEBALLS for those with dry / sensitive skin and can be used on babies and children too!  Anyway, the beauty of the Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel is that it can be used on the body AND face!!!  I was delighted when I found out because I kinda get a little shower gel envy when I see my Husband use his shower gel on his face.  Now I can do the same too without worrying that it will strip my face of its natural oils 🙂

3.  BIODERMA Atoderm Nourishing Cream

This is another product from the Atoderm range that I adore as I am a dry / sensitive skin sufferer.  Last month, you may recall that I vowed to moisturise my body every day { refresh your memory if you can’t remember } and this is one of the moisturisers that my skin lapped up.