Happy National Good Hair Day!

Toni & Guy Georges Melbourne blogger event

Happy Friday everyone! Did you know that today is National Good Hair Day? Well, now you do ūüôā Hope you are all having a good hair day! If not, just toss your hair back and forth and roughen it up and call it “Sexy Bed Head” or something ūüėõ

In the photo above, I am with Jenny from My Funny Valentine at a beauty blogging event – she’s such a babe! We are both sporting awesome hair after an amazing blow wave at Toni & Guy Georges in Melbourne CBD plus the hot red lips are courtesy of Napoleon Perdis MUA’s.


Beauty Vlog : Simple Messy Side Do Hair Tutorial

hair style, side hairstyle, easy hair tutorial

Thanks for all the lovely feedback and warm welcome for my new beauty channel. ¬†I have uploaded a new beauty vlog today and it is in the form of a…*ahem*…hair tutorial…*shifty eyes*…. ¬†Watch the video and you will clearly see that I am no hair guru!!! ¬†But hey, everyone has to start somewhere…

Apologies for wearing the wrong gear for the video.  I did not intentionally mean to flash my pink bra strap!!!  *cringe*

Thanks to ghd for lending me their new Black Gloss IV Styler for the video.  Am very sad to have to return it.  OMG!  Thank you ghd for allowing me to keep the Black Gloss IV Styler for future videos!  Special thanks to Scunci for gifting their Hi Styles and Mini Pins.  They will definitely have cameo appearances in future vids.  The bottles of sprays used in the video were from Oscar Oscar Salon goodie bags.

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Geek To Chic


Move outta the way Ugly Betty, I was here first!! ¬†Yes, back in my younger years, I had (AND STILL HAVE) the frizziest hair and I wore the thick-rimmed glasses and I had a dodgy dress sense too. ¬†(Un)fortunately, we didn’t have digital cameras back then so I don’t have photographic evidence of my teenage years on my hard drive (since all my photos are back in Scotland) so you will just have to refer to a recent photo of me – STILL with the frizziest hair and thick glasses.

Admittedly, I did have a hard time growing up being an Asian geek. ¬†Guys never paid me any attention until my early twenties. ¬†What happened? ¬†I went from “Geek” to “Chic”. ¬†How? ¬†Well, allow me to share…