Last year, I wrote a post about how Australian sample beauty boxes are not my cuppa tea based on my experience with Lust Have It boxes.  Basically, I wasn’t wowed by the products and I felt that the sample sizes were too cute to be used so I was wasting my money.  Well, what do you know?  Like many other Aussie beauty bloggers, I was sent the March edition of both Bellabox and GLOSSYBOX by the respective PR’s, so I won’t bore you all with the exact contents of the box (- it is so last month anyway :P).  Instead I’ll let you know my initial impressions of each beauty box – purely based on that one box alone.

My Initial Impressions Of Bellabox

Australian beauty samples boxes, Bellabox contents

First up, I love the vibrant turquoise blue parcel of the Bellabox.  Pat on the back to whoever chose the colour!  I admired it for ages before I opened it.  Sometimes the best part of a parcel is unwrapping it; rather than what’s inside!  And that’s where I slightly stumbled…  My expectations were raised and sadly, the contents didn’t exactly push my buttons…and I was sad to see that there wasn’t a box but a drawstring bag.  I love collecting boxes!

I’m not entirely sure, but I believe Bellabox has a theme every month and for March, it was the “Bare Faced Beauty” theme.  And with that theme, there were mostly samples of natural skincare products.  The star of the box was the tinted lip balm which was the closest to a make-up item.  And the dud of the box would have to be that muesli cookie – I took one bite and gagged.  But that’s because I am a fussy-eater and I don’t do raisins, sultanas and all that dried fruit nonsense.

My Initial Impressions of GLOSSYBOX

GLOSSYBOX Australia, beauty sample boxes

With GLOSSYBOX, I loved the box within the box concept.  And the box that was within the box can be put to good use to store my bits and pieces.  I also loved that it was beautifully wrapped with the samples placed accordingly.  Another great thing is that I recognised many of the brands in my box.  Sadly, there wasn’t one single make-up item in there.

The problem with providing so many skincare samples is that everyone has different skin types and not every sample provided will be suitable.  I know that I won’t let that Proactiv Cleansing Bar touch my dry/sensitive skin…but on the other hand, I am looking forward to try the Avene Eau Thermale.

Famous Last Words

The sad truth about beauty sample boxes is that you cannot exactly pick and choose what you get.  Some items are winners and some items are losers.  Some people see it as a good thing to test different brands and some see it as a big no-no.  You just can’t win ’em all.

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P.S.  I saw sneak peeks of the April boxes for both brands and the products are more my cuppa tea this month.  Gah!!!!

Let me know your thoughts on beauty sample boxes.  Are you a big fan of them?  Or would you rather spend your money on full-sized goodies?