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Beauty Vlog : Simple Messy Side Do Hair Tutorial

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Thanks for all the lovely feedback and warm welcome for my new beauty channel.  I have uploaded a new beauty vlog today and it is in the form of a…*ahem*…hair tutorial…*shifty eyes*….  Watch the video and you will clearly see that I am no hair guru!!!  But hey, everyone has to start somewhere…

Apologies for wearing the wrong gear for the video.  I did not intentionally mean to flash my pink bra strap!!!  *cringe*

Thanks to ghd for lending me their new Black Gloss IV Styler for the video.  Am very sad to have to return it.  OMG!  Thank you ghd for allowing me to keep the Black Gloss IV Styler for future videos!  Special thanks to Scunci for gifting their Hi Styles and Mini Pins.  They will definitely have cameo appearances in future vids.  The bottles of sprays used in the video were from Oscar Oscar Salon goodie bags.

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Hair Tutorial : Messy Knotted Ponytail

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Having a bad hair day?  Or are you bored of the same standard ponytail?  Then funk it up and make it look edgy.  So easy but looks so cool!

[Please ignore the bra strap which slid off my shoulder.  It’s just Mouldy Bra wanting to say hi again!]

How To : Messy Knotted Ponytail

1.  Tie your hair up into a ponytail.

2.  Grab some hair and loop it round where the hair tie is.  Make it a messy loop and cross it over when your reach the top part again to fake a “knot”.  Secure it with a bobby pin.

3.  Hairspray the ends and gently backcomb it to create some texture.

How easy is that?

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