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My Husband’s Hands are Feeling Peachy Thanks to Mary Kay

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Picture the following scenario…  You’re getting it on with your partner and it’s getting all hot and heavy when suddenly you feel the roughest sandpaper hands on your delicate body parts.  Do you shriek and stop or carry on because you like it like that?  If you shriek and stop, then you will definitely be interested in the following 3 Mary Kay products from the Satin Hands range which changed my husband’s sandpaper “rough as guts” hands to softer and much more pleasant (but still very manly) hands :-

  • Mary Kay Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub
  • Mary Kay Fragrance Free Hand Softener
  • Mary Kay Peach Hand Cream


Sukin Hand Products Won’t Reveal Your True Age!

Every beauty-conscious female knows that it’s not the face, but it’s the hands which can reveal their true age.  Am I beauty-conscious?  Hmm…yes, I am…for my face.  But when it comes to my hands…erm…well…I have never been one of those ladies who carry hand creams in their handbags.  Kudos to those who do it but I can’t bear carrying extra weight on my shoulders.  As a result of this, when the Sukin rep contacted me to see if I would review any products, I chose hand care products (as well as haircare products previously reviewed) – Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash and Sukin Purely Ageless Nutrient Rich Hand Treatment – as this would force me to use them religiously.  Aren’t I a smart beauty blogging cookie?!


Dove pro.age Hand Cream

My Husband turned to me the other day and said my hands were soft.  That’s a compliment!!!  My hands have a tendency to dry out because of my work.  Being a dentist means that I have to constantly wash my hands and wear gloves and the alcohol in the detergent can really strip away the moisture.  Anyway, I’ve been really good with applying hand cream – Dove pro.age Hand Cream.

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Product Description & Ingredients

Dove pro.age Hand Cream works by combining active ingredients at the levels that will make skin look and feel better.

  • AHA (4%) to help re-surface skin by removing dead skin cells.
  • Glycerin (2%) to add critical hydrating nourishment and help improve the skin’s surface cell renewal.
  • Olive oil (1%) to provide nutrients to your skin.
  • SPF 5 to help prevent sun damage.

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Rich, nourishing, non-greasy and nice-smelling cream.  Contains SPF which is an added bonus to prevent highly un-sexy sun spots and wrinkly hands.  It was cheap too because I bought it for $2AUD.  Dove pro.age Hand Cream is totally awesome and gets 10 out of 10 from The Best Beauty Blog!