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Hello Haul : I Heart To Shop

I heart to shop, i love to shop

Hello!  Thanks for all the loving caring messages I received regarding my head injury last week.  You can’t get rid of little old me that easily because I officially put my beauty blogging hat back on yesterday and I am ready to roll.  First up, by popular demand (submit your reader request on Facebook), is a shopping haul post.  As you should ALL know by now, I LOVE to shop and hoard…but this will probably be the last haul post of 2012 as I should be am on a spending ban till I go to Hong Kong in January!!  (Note :  Bans were made to be broken :P)

Without further ado (Grammar Police Alert!  Not “adieu” like some people incorrectly write and say…), here is my collective shopping haul of the last few weeks…


Beauty Bites featuring Lelo, Dior, Cadbury’s, Shiseido, etc

Here comes another Beauty Bites post with extracts of my life as a beauty blogger 🙂

Oh My Lelo! :   The funniest true story happened to me last week.  A PR sent me a (personalised and very legitimate) email to ask if they could send me their latest back massager and well, I have chronic back pain so why not?  It arrived and it looked like a phallic shaped back massager.  Anyway, I tweeted out this picture and even uploaded this onto my personal FB account to show off my new gadget.  I was getting messages saying “It’s a vibrator, Ling!” and I was like, “Don’t be stupid!  It’s a back massager!”  So I charged it up and pressed the ON button and OH MY WORD…it vibrated like a…well…vibrator!  So I jumped onto Google and it turns out that this Lelo is : “as well as a back massager, it is a powerful external vibrator”  FML!!  I have never been so mortified and scrambled to delete the pictures but it was too late as a lot of people had seen it already.  All my colleagues messaged me and said that they had a sore back and asked if I could bring in my Lelo.  I did.  We all had a great time…laughing!!!  The happiest person ever was my Husband who insists that we should test out the FULL functions of the Lelo!

Going Blue :  Moving swifly along… I’ve been loving the colour blue lately.  Blue dress, blue beads, blue Dior box and blue wrapper of yummy Cadbury’s chocolate.

Shattered Shiseido :  I curse thee whoever it was who shattered this beautiful Shiseido eyeshadow palette by the time it got delivered to me.  I won’t be getting another one – le sigh – so I am going to attempt some DIY Ling Will Fix It.  Watch this space to see if I will succeed.  Meanwhile, if you have any tips, let me know and you will be blessed with forever flawless skin because I said so! 😛

My Birthday Treats :  As you may remember, it was my birthday recently and I have been getting lots of lovely treats from a variety of people in my awesome life.  Super sweet!  Thanks peeps <3

And that’s a wrap!  What’s been biting you in your world lately?

Generous ABBW 2011 Sponsors + My Sydney Haul + Food + Friends

It’s Monday morning so I thought I’d come up with a light and easy post today…

Many thanks to the generous sponsors at ABBW 2011.

A girl-friend (not a beauty blogger) suggested that I sell some products to make money.  And I repelled in horror at this suggestion.  Beauty bloggers should know that you NEVER EVER sell anything a brand gives you for review.  I wouldn’t dream of it.  And I would also like to point out that I wouldn’t even know how to do it.  I am clearly old-fashioned as I never go on ebay and I rarely go online shopping.  Obviously, I cannot use everything there and that is why I will be giving love packages to friends, in exchange for reviews for the blog.  (Speaking of which, I have one coming up soon…)

And these are my purchases in Sydney…

At IMATS, I bought Ben Nye Coral Red Blusher ($10), 2 x OCC Lip Tars (2 x $14), Beauty Pod Airbrush FX Sponge ($10) and a Royal & Langnickel Bent Eyeliner Brush ($4).  Total spend at $52.

As mentioned in my ABBW post, I had dodgy sushi and diarrhoea was spurting out of me so my Husband was thoughtful and bought me Gastro-Stop.  While I was at ABBW enjoying myself, the Husband wandered around Sydney on his lonesome and bought me all the Hello Kitty cutesy goodies – UNO cards, make-up bag, keyring and stickers.  As you all know from my haul on Wednesday, I love Hello Kitty!  And I love my Husband!!

I also sneaked in a pair of pale pink Wittner shoes – perfect for Summer.

We stayed on in Sydney another night after ABBW, but the next morning I woke up feeling like I had the biggest hangover in town, hence the ibuprofen to get rid of the headache.  Anyway, we met other beauty bloggers who stayed on another night as well – Jeneara, Celeste and Stacey.  And we were all going to the same place – Adriano Zumbo in Balmain – so we jumped on a water taxi together.

And after they left, Hubby and I enjoyed eating our way around Sydney whilst meeting friends along the way.  Did I tell you I lived in Sydney for 6 months before moving to Melbourne?  I love Sydney!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll speak to you all tomorrow.

Hello Kitty Has Arrived In Priceline And Here Is My Wee Haul

Ladies, ladies, ladies!!!!!  *squee squee squee*  I know I blogged earlier today, but you know, I had to blog again because guess who’s arrived in Australia?  Hello Kitty make-up!!!!!!

Hello Kitty lipstick, Hello Kitty face powder

OMG!!!  I so could not resist and I had to buy!!!  Especially if you buy 2 items and you get a free plush toy!  WIN!!!!

The Hello Kitty make-up range starts from $9.95 to $14.95 and there were eyeshadows, nail polishes, blushers, powders, lip glosses and lipsticks.

Okay, so before you stomp down to Priceline, let me tell you what you HAVE to buy.  You HAVE to buy the Hello Kitty Compact Powder that is for sure!!!  Because why?  Look….

Hello Kitty make-up at Priceline

ZOMG!!!  So adorbs!  A Hello Kitty embossed in the powder!  I am never going to use it!!  The metallic pink packaging is to die for!!!!

And here are the lipstick swatches if you are interested – from left to right : 07-01, 07-03, 07-05 (I bought this one), 07-06, 08-01, 08-02, 08-04.  The 07 ones are from the Shine & Kiss lippy pink packaging range whereas the 08 are the matte shades and they are packaged in black.

The lid of the lipstick tube has a beautiful Hello Kitty engraved on it.  It’s numbered with 07-05 but it’s actually called Baiser Volé.  BEAUTIFUL!

The range at my Priceline in Doncaster must have just been newly launched today because none of the testers had been touched on the shelves so I happily swatched away till this lady barged in front of me and took over.  Erm, excuse me?!  Clearly, she is not a Hello Kitty fan!  I was decked out with my Hello Kitty handbag and Hello Kitty phone.  Pfft!!

Anyway, I wanted to buy Hello Kitty make-up items that I can take out in my Hello Kitty handbag, so forget the nail polish.  Next on my wishlist are the eyeshadows and glittery lipglosses.  Ooh, and there’s also another Hello Kitty plushy in a Hawaiian skirt.

Okay, if you buy anything, let me know!!

And before you ask, I aint gonna use these babies.  They are just too pretty!