Innoxa SOS Skin Tissue Oil (the aerosol version) is a fantastic idea in theory, but doesn’t perform so well in real life.  Allow me to share in my review.

heals scar oil, innoxa

Product Claims

Super convenient, spray-on SOS Skin Tissue Oil contains Tocomin ®, a more potent form of Vitamin E to help enhance skin elasticity, even out skin tone and lessen the appearance of existing stretchmarks & scars. Featherlight and non-greasy, SOS absorbs fast, leaving skin silky smooth. Dermatologist approved, fragrance and paraben free.

My Theory

I totally loved the idea of a moisturising oil in an aerosol can because pumping out moisturiser and rubbing it on my body is a lot of hard work for Lazy Ling!  Spraying sounds so much easier and can gain access to hard-to-reach places.

In Real Life

Spraying was a bit of a nightmare.  Not because it is hard work to press the button; but because the aerosol gets everywhere – not just on your body, but everywhere else around you.

To make it worse, the smell (lavender-ish) and the mist totally got caught in the back of my throat and caused some unpleasant choking.  It’s worse than hairspray!

The best thing is to spray it in well-ventilated area and spray it onto your hand to apply to your body.

The oil itself is lovely and soaks into my dehydrated sandpaper legs beautifully.  Did it repair any of my scars?  No…but that’s because I stopped using it after 5 times.  The choking got too much and the spray-onto-hand–and-apply-to-body method is too much effort.  I really wanted to like this product and I was so excited to see it in the ABBW goody bag, but alas it was not meant to be.


Innoxa SOS Skin Tissue Oil – didn’t like the aerosol, but the oil is moisturising.