Review : Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum

Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum

Let’s rewind a few weeks back.  I was holed up in bed (or more like, hogging the toilet) because I had suffered from lactose-induced gastro.  For days, I could not eat or drink anything without it coming up (or out the other end –> #TMI).  Yes, it helped shift the last of my post-pregnancy weight, but boy, did it cause havoc on my skin as I was severely dehydrated!!  Enter my skincare saviour – Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Daily Moisture Balancing Serum*…


Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit

At the end of last year, I was sent a Jurlique care package and in amongst the goodies was the Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream and a travel-friendly kit of their new Purely White skincare range, which I thought would make a great Christmas gift.  The Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit contains Purely White Skin Brightening Essence, Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream and Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment, all 15ml each.

Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Essence, Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream, Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment

Jurlique’s Purely White range boasts of :

  • VITABRIGHTKX, a patent-pending ingredient, which is a natural ‘superfruit’ skin brightening complex
  • Kakadu Plum Extract which has 50 times the Vitamin C content of oranges which significantly reduces the appearance of skin discolourations
  • Citrus Unshiu Peel Extract from Japanese fruit, to inhibit the production of melanin or skin discolourations, as well as to help fade existing ones

With such promising claims, I gave up my Rationale Skincare regime and trialled Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit from start to finish.  15ml of each product lasted surprisingly longer than I imagined; it provided almost 4 weeks of usage and I used this before I started using the Baby Quasar.

My Thoughts On Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit

Because I used all 3 products at the same time, it is impossible to tell which product did what or had what effect; but I know they worked well together because my skin had no complaints and did not flake out nor break out.  I am not a huge fan of overpowering floral scents, but Jurlique does it perfectly with a light, fresh floral scent which pleasantly lingers.

The star of this kit was undoubtedly Purely White Skin Brightening Essence and that was largely due to the fact that it was housed in a classic Jurlique glass bottle.  Some may say it was slightly extravagant packaging for a little bottle, but that’s part of the luxe-ness about the brand.  It only gets annoying at the end when the pump stops pumping up more product even though there is a significant amount at the edges of the bottle.

The Purely White Skin Brightening Essence itself absorbs beautifully on my skin and leaves behind a moist residue to hydrate and replenish.

I didn’t favour Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream as much.  Yes, it was a light and efficient daytime moisturiser – BUT where’s the SPF??  Of course, I ALWAYS apply a separate sunscreen on top of my day moisturiser, but skincare newbies may not know or have a sunscreen in their collection.

As for the Purely White Skin Brightening Night Treatment, it’s a richer and thicker version of the Day Cream, which did a great job of keeping my skin hydrated without clogging up my pores.

Having never used Jurlique skincare products before, this was a great introduction to their range.  I liked the Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit because it kept my dry skin nourished and it smelt good too.  However, as for skin brightening and fading of existing pigmentation (damn you freckles!!), I didn’t notice much difference…but I believe that continued usage would reap more noticeable results.  But like I mentioned beforehand, I ran out of product just before the 4 week mark…

Have you used Jurlique skincare products before?  Which skincare whitening range do you recommend?  I bought my sister Aqua Label whitening products but she has started breaking out…oh dear!!

Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream Is Full Of Oaty Goodness

Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream Review

A few weeks ago, Mr Postie dropped off a nice wee box full of Jurlique goodies.  It happened to be the first ever box of press samples that I received which contained candy – Chupa Chup lollipops (which inspired this lip art, btw).  What a great start!  Before I launch into my review on the Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream, I would like to state that I was not influenced in any way by the lollies!  😛

My Opinions

When I popped open the seal and squeezed the tube, I was rather surprised to see a lumpy oatmeal paste.  It’s definitely not a “cream” per se.  For non-porridge-lovers, fret not, because it’s sweet honey / flowery / almondy perfumed scent masks the typical oat smell.  The exfoliant needs a bit of water to form a wetter paste before applying on the face.  The instructions say that it should be applied with a “press-release motion” – but when I hear the words, “press release”, I think of the media version.  Anyway, I like to do my own thing and apply it in a patting slash circular motion on a cleansed face.

As it is loaded with oats, the exfoliant is soft and gentle on the face – but it is messy!  If not careful, bits and pieces will drop off easily.  Instead of washing it off straight away, I like to treat it as a mask and keep it stuck on my face for at least 10 minutes, before rinsing with warm water.


I got great results after the first use.  I was genuinely surprised because I was a tad skeptical as Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream is not like any other exfoliant I have used.  My face definitely felt smoother and plumper.  It didn’t remove all the tiny flakies around my nose with its first use, but after the third time, the flakies were gone.  There is no tightness after rinsing it off…and in fact, I didn’t even moisturise afterwards and my skin still felt good.


♥  Soft and gentle exfoliating paste – great for sensitive skin
♥  Smells sweet – but may not appeal to everyone
♥  No tightness afterwards
♥  Can be used every day if you want – but I use it 3 times a week to make it last longer


◊  Messy – oats get everywhere and it’s annoying when it gets around hairline and under fingernails
◊  It’s not a pretty product – look at my photo below!  Look at me and look at the scrunched up packaging… – but that’s not that important because it has impressive results!

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Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream is great for those with sensitive skin as it is soft and gentle and leaves skin supple.  It may not be ideal for those who like their exfoliants to be a granular scrub.  With a price tag of $30 for 40ml, it’s a bit pricey – and judging from my tube, I reckon it would last me 20 days max.  If I was a rich bitch, I would consider repurchasing; but for now, I may try and recreate this DIY-style.  Just chuck in some oats, honey and almonds…oh wait, that sounds like the breakfast I ate this morning!  LOL.

Have you tried any Jurlique products before?

Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

There are 10 days till Christmas!!  Unbelievable!  If you’re a last minute shopper like me, you won’t panic until the 24th of December.  And if you’re buying for females, it’s pretty easy – think jewellery, cosmetics, perfumes, skincare, spa treats…(unless they’re of the tomboy variety and cannot stand anything beautifying…and in that case, you don’t have to read this!)

Guys have a weird tendency of buying gadgets for me!!!  For example, when the then-boyfriend-now-husband and I celebrated our first Valentine’s Day together, he bought me…wait for it…a CD drive for my laptop.  I looked at the thing and I was like, “What the…??!!”  Don’t worry, he has since learned!!

Anyway, if you’re stuck about what to buy for a female friend or family member, or if you’re looking for ideas to add to your Christmas wishlist, you’ve come to the right place.  I had a look into my beauty cupboard and here are my top 10 Christmas beautifying gift ideas for females, from least expensive to most expensive :-

1.  Skin79 BB Cream Miniature Set [RRP $10 from Asian stall in Chadstone]

This pack comes with 4 deluxe samples (5g) of Skin79 BB Creams : Diamond Collection Pearl Luminous Beblesh Balm, VIP Gold Collection Super+ Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA++, Super+ Beblesh Balm Triple Functions SPF 25 PA++ and The Oriental Gold BB Cream SPF 25 PA++.

My Thoughts :  Apart from wishing their names were shorter and less complex, this is a fantastic gift for a beauty junkie!  The pink shiny packaging appeals to teenagers as well as older chicks like me in the 30+ age range.

2.  Miller & Moore Luxury Footspa Set [RRP $20 from Coles]

Click here for the Miller & Moore Footspa review and see what’s in the box

Relax at the end of the day with a footspa!  This set comes with delightful treats to soothe your feet after a long day at work or after Christmas sales shopping.

My Thoughts :  Fantastic gift for women who love to be pampered – and at a great price.

OPI Divine Swine, OPI Designer, de Better, OPI Lip Gloss

3.  OPI Dynamic Duo [RRP $24.95 from Salon Style]

This pack comes with a full-sized OPI Nail Lacquer from The Muppets Collection along with a matching lip gloss.  There are 3 shades to choose from : Designer, de Better!, Divine Swine and Meep-MeepMeep.  OPI have come up with loads of Christmas gift packs and it also includes OPI Glamour Toes featured yesterday.

My Thoughts :  Great stocking find for teenagers and girls who love to coordinate colours in their make-up.  Have you seen the shades in The OPI Muppets Collection?  Absolutely drop dead gorgeous with glitz and glam!!!

4.  Bloom Classic Mini Nail Polish Collection [RRP $24.95 from Bloom Cosmetics]

This comes with 4 mini sizes (9ml) with the shades : Millie (rich burgundy), Kim (taupe), Edie (cherry red) and Toni (pale pink).

My Thoughts :  Classic and work-friendly colours to suit women of all ages.  They are so dinky and cute!

5.  Crabtree & Evelyn Wisteria Traveller V10 [RRP $28.95 from Crabtree & Evelyn]

This comes with Bath & Shower Gel (50ml), Body Lotion (50ml) and Perfumed Bath Soap (40g) from the Wisteria range.

My Thoughts :  This set is purely for floral fans.  In my opinion, it’s catered more for the mature woman – something for the Mother-in-Law, perhaps?  Which makes it funnier when I tell you that my Sister-in-Law bought this for my birthday this year!  But I like it!!  This is actually the 2nd Crabtree & Evelyn gift pack I have received as a present – the other one is from La Source.

YSL lipstick

6.  YSL Rouge Pur Couture Golden Lustre [RRP $50 from Myer]

A luxurious gold encased lipstick in a multitude of shades.  And ooh, look at the YSL embossed on the lipstick bullet.  Pictured is 110 Fuchsia Symbole and you check out my swatch here.

My Thoughts :  Lipstick is not just for old women!  That’s all I’m going to say!!

7.  Jurlique Purely White Starter Kit [RRP $69 from Jurlique]

This comes with Purely White Skin Brightening Essence (15ml), Purely White Skin Brightening Day Cream (15ml) and Purely White Skin Brightening Treatment (15ml).

My Thoughts :  Jurlique have actually got a few Christmas gift packs which are great value for money. This pack is great to give as a gift because it doesn’t say “anti-ageing” on it which could be seen as insulting!!  As your beauty blogging guinea pig, I will eventually get round to testing this on myself and I will let you know my thoughts at a later date.

8.  bareMinerals Get Started Kit [RRP $84.95 from Kit Cosmetics]

This pack provides a great introduction into the mineral world of make-up.  You’ll be swirling, tapping and buffing in no time!

My Thoughts :  It’s amazing what mineral foundation can do for those who suffer from rosacea and acne scars!  Perfect for women of all ages – but just make sure you get their shade right.

9.  Balenciaga L’Essence EDP [RRP $145 for 50ml from David Jones]

When I think of Balenciaga, I think of their classic handbag – but not many of us can afford the $$$$.  So what’s the next best thing?  Their perfume in this beautiful pentagonal luxe glass!!!  L’Essence is a strong and sexy scent with a mixture of violet leaves and leather.  It’s intense so a light spritz is all you need to make this your new signature scent.

My Thoughts :  Perfect for women who ooze style, confidence and sensuality.  It’s divine!

10.  Diamond earrings [RRP $$$$]

It’s true what they say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”  Just make sure you’re buying certified diamonds and not some cheapo cubic zirconia passed off as real diamonds!  And remember, every piece of jewellery tells a story – read mine here.

My Thoughts :  Perfect for every female at ANY time of the year!  Always welcomed!!!  (If you’re not a diamond lover but you receive one and you don’t like it, feel free to pass it on to me and I will show it plenty of love!!!)


Are any of these gift ideas on your Christmas Wishlist?

P.S.  3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 – are press samples – but I wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t like them myself.