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I would definitely do more OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) posts if I had a better photographer.  My Husband has a great technique of taking the most UN-flattering photos of me.  Le sigh!!!!  Anyway, this is what I wore on the day of my Viva La Color makeover.  I wanted something “different” so I raided my wardrobe and dug out some unloved items of clothing and hoped for the best.  It kinda goes together.  I’ll let you see the photos and you can decide for yourself…


FOTD : Viva La Color Makeover

Kit Cosmetics recently launched their new colour collection – Viva La Color – and in celebration of this, I was invited for a makeover.  Being a beauty blogger definitely has it perks!  I rocked up at the shop and was promptly welcomed by my make-up artist Caitlyn, who was very chatty and friendly.  The Viva La Color limited edition range is all about strong, bold Mexican-themed colours and I was more than happy to go with the bright colours Caitlyn suggested.

The hour flew by!  Caitlyn took time to explain each product she applied on my face, then applied it and showed me in the mirror and also answered the zillions of questions I asked her.  I told her I was hopeless at applying make-up but she said it would get better with more practice.  She also highlighted the importance of getting the base right and to take time to apply foundation and buff it.

Top tip : To remove any eyeshadow fall-out, dab some silicone-based face primer on a Q-tip and gently swipe it off.  This will not remove any foundation.

Check out how I look after my makeover