An Awkward Review of Lelo Smart Wand

Lelo, Smart Wand, Lelo massager

The reason for the awkwardness?  Well, you can jog your memory { here } on how I acquired the Lelo Smart Wand and laugh at me again for my naivety.  Yes, I did think it was a very odd shape for a back massager but look at the luxurious box it came in.  I didn’t think it was anything dodgy until a lot of people commented on it when I posted a picture on Instagram (which was deleted swiftly as soon as I found out!)  I was just extremely embarrassed and mortified for my lack of knowledge on such gadgets 😛  And this review is going to be slightly awkward as it will be full of un-intentional sexual innuendoes – you have been warned!


Beauty Bites featuring Lelo, Dior, Cadbury’s, Shiseido, etc

Here comes another Beauty Bites post with extracts of my life as a beauty blogger 🙂

Oh My Lelo! :   The funniest true story happened to me last week.  A PR sent me a (personalised and very legitimate) email to ask if they could send me their latest back massager and well, I have chronic back pain so why not?  It arrived and it looked like a phallic shaped back massager.  Anyway, I tweeted out this picture and even uploaded this onto my personal FB account to show off my new gadget.  I was getting messages saying “It’s a vibrator, Ling!” and I was like, “Don’t be stupid!  It’s a back massager!”  So I charged it up and pressed the ON button and OH MY WORD…it vibrated like a…well…vibrator!  So I jumped onto Google and it turns out that this Lelo is : “as well as a back massager, it is a powerful external vibrator”  FML!!  I have never been so mortified and scrambled to delete the pictures but it was too late as a lot of people had seen it already.  All my colleagues messaged me and said that they had a sore back and asked if I could bring in my Lelo.  I did.  We all had a great time…laughing!!!  The happiest person ever was my Husband who insists that we should test out the FULL functions of the Lelo!

Going Blue :  Moving swifly along… I’ve been loving the colour blue lately.  Blue dress, blue beads, blue Dior box and blue wrapper of yummy Cadbury’s chocolate.

Shattered Shiseido :  I curse thee whoever it was who shattered this beautiful Shiseido eyeshadow palette by the time it got delivered to me.  I won’t be getting another one – le sigh – so I am going to attempt some DIY Ling Will Fix It.  Watch this space to see if I will succeed.  Meanwhile, if you have any tips, let me know and you will be blessed with forever flawless skin because I said so! 😛

My Birthday Treats :  As you may remember, it was my birthday recently and I have been getting lots of lovely treats from a variety of people in my awesome life.  Super sweet!  Thanks peeps <3

And that’s a wrap!  What’s been biting you in your world lately?