7 Tips On How To Have A Happy & Healthy Vagina

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Let’s get intimate and talk about vaginas today. ¬†If you don’t have one, you may want to skip this post or help a sister / girlfriend / auntie / female associate and send them here to get tips on how to have a happy and healthy vagina ūüôā #saynotobitchyvaginas

*Please note Рthis post contains a lot of vaginas.  Just the word, no pictures.  I am not a vagina specialist so seek professional advice if you have any health concerns down there.


#babybunty : Funny Baby Meme

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Since none of my family members live in Australia, they demand daily photos and updates of #BabyBunty. ¬†And I get in trouble if the photo is blurry (hello, she is a baby and will not sit still!) or she wears the same onesie¬†or her bib is dirty. ¬†Yep, that’s my family for ya – they are not easily satisfied! ¬†But I guess it’s a fun challenge trying to take interesting photos of her every day.

Lately, I’ve started thinking up witty captions to go with the photos (like those funny baby memes I constantly see on Facebook) and here’s one that got my sister’s approval so I thought I’d share it with you guys too. ¬†Hope it gave you a little giggle!

10 Things That 6 Months Of Motherhood Has Taught Me

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Yesterday, I was¬†happy sad. ¬†My baby girl Bunty turned¬†6 months. ¬†It was her “half-birthday”. ¬†I spent the day singing an improvised “Happy Half-Birthday Song” to her and filmed a video of her so she can watch it in the future. ¬†I thought about baking her a wee cake…but that’s all I did – I just THOUGHT it. ¬†Yep, it’s the thought that counts right? ¬†And then in the evening, I had a beauty blog event to attend so she had a Daddy Daughter Dinner Date.

Anyway, I thought it would be a great time to reflect and share about 10 things I have learnt in the first 6 months of motherhood :-

[ WARNING :  There are elements of TMI ]


10 Things To Do When You Are Having A “I Look Like Sh*t Today!” Day

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Happy Monday everyone! ¬†15 minutes ago, I found this post in my Drafts folder that I wrote (but didn’t publish it) earlier this year when I was (most likely) having a sh*tty day. ¬†I had a wee chuckle reading this and thought I’d publish it today to hopefully help cure anyone with Monday-itis…


Some days, I wake up feeling awesome, energised and ready to take on zombies (I have been watching too many episodes of The Walking Dead!). ¬†And then there are the other days where I wake up and look in the mirror and think “I look like sh*t today!” (even a zombie wouldn’t attack me!) – and wish I could crawl back into the comfort of my bed. ¬†Well, fear not my friends, I have come up with a list of 10 things to do when you are having a “I look like sh*t today!*” day :-


The Story about Palmolive Shower Gel, My Husband, Zombies and a Cockroach…


Warning :  This is a long story, but it is a true story.

One day in our local supermarket…

Me :  We need to buy new shower gel.
Husband :  Why?
Me : ¬†Because we’ve ran out! ¬†Duh!
Husband : ¬†But you’re a beauty blogger! ¬†Don’t brands send you shower gels???
Me :  Nope.
Husband : ¬†Can’t you ask them to?

Me *rolls eyes* and gives Husband the “WTF?! face” and goes to look at the shower gel selection.

I scanned the shelves to see what was on special offer (yes, I am Asian like that!) and these big bottles of Palmolive Shower Gels caught my eye. ¬†The Palmolive Invigorating Shower Gel with Pomegranate and Mango tickled my eyeballs and I sneakily took a sniff and I WAS SOLD as it smelt divine! ¬†And yes, I actually bought the same one I sniffed – I am not THAT gross ūüėõ


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