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I Hadouken-ed My Husband!

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We are back from our road trip to Canberra AND Sydney – which was a short and sweet surprise visit for food!  And we had a crazy fun time together!  We also joined in on the Hadouken craze which is going to be the new “planking” so be prepared to see lots of photos like this from everyone!


1 + 1 = 2

I don’t know about you but I like to get to know the blogger behind all the blogs I read…so today, instead of writing another beauty post, I’m here with a personal-ish random-ish post…

Two years ago, I was throwing a Bridezilla tanty because my freakin’ false eyelash wouldn’t stick on my lash line as I had been crying too much after Skype-ing my parents who live in Scotland.  I was freaking out because I was GETTING MARRIED!!!

(Note to self : For my next wedding, forget DIY wedding make-up and hire a professional wedding make-up artist!  I kid, I kid!!!)

Anyway, lash incident aside, I married my best friend.  The best friend who I met in Manly in Sydney whilst I was on a Working Holiday visa…and 180 days later after our initial meeting, we got hitched!

And then 2 months after that, we got married again in Scotland.  And we really consider the August wedding date to be the real wedding date because that is when we “officially sealed the deal” if you know what I mean 😛

So today is our 2nd year anniversary of being “legally married”…and hurrah, we will celebrate our 2nd year wedding anniversary in 2 months time.  Yay!!!

Ahhh, I just feel really blessed to marry an amazing guy who is an absolute rock!

*insert a long list of mushy wushy lovely dovey words which will make people sick*

And normal beauty blogging will resume tomorrow…