If you are sick of waiting around for the Maybelline Color Tattoos (yes, non-Aussie readers, we know you got the range yonks ago but we are still waiting here in Australia!), allow me to point you in the direction of MeMeMe Dew Pots.

MeMeMe Dew Pots swatches, MeMeMe cream eyeshadows, MeMeMe cosmetics review, MeMeMe Australia

MeMeMe Dew Pots are described as “high performance, ultra long-stay, rich colour eye defining creams” and well…let’s just say that you won’t need much convincing from me that these little pots (3ml) of colourful goodness – which can be used as eyeshadows itself or as a base or even as eyeliner – are absolutely fabulous.  Yes, absolutely fabulous dah-lings!!!

MeMeMe Dew Pots, MeMeMe swatches

There are 8 shades in the MeMeMe Dew Pot collection with the most seductive names – e.g. Autumn Smoulder (berry) and Willow Whisper (taupe) – and I received Tangled Ivy and Hollow Haze.

MeMeMe Dew Pots swatches, MeMeMe Dew Pots

Tangled Ivy is a piercing dark emerald shade.  If you recall my green nails from Monday’s post, it is definitely the season to reignite my love for deep dark green colours.

Sadly, for Hollow Haze, a silvery light beige, it pales in comparison to Tangled Ivy.  But don’t underestimate it because this is the perfect shade for highlighting the inner corners of the eyes to make them look brighter and more awake.

The MeMeMe Dew Pots are cream eyeshadows which means that they blend beautifully and glide on easily…BUT…there’s always a “but”!…but beware if you have oily lids like me.  Yes, oily lids!  If my eyelids were any bigger, I would be able to fry bacon and eggs on them!!!

Anyway, here’s my top tip for MeMeMe Dew Pots on oily lids : I apply eyeshadow primer before application AND I also need to set it with a similar-shaded eyeshadow powder to avoid looking like a smeared greasy-eyed panda at the end of the evening.

MeMeMe Dew Pots

Okay…okay…that’s not the most original make-up tip and you probably knew that already.  But did you know that MeMeMe currently have 30% off the MeMeMe Dew Pots taking the price from $19.95AUD down to $13.97AUD?  Bargain!  Thank me first and then, head along to their website and shop away.

Instead of ending with my usual questions (which nobody REALLY answers) to ask you what you thought, leave me a comment, blah blah blah, I’ll end it with some rhyming poetry.  Just because I can. 😛

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