Skincare Review : Olay Aquaction

Olay Aquaction review, Olay Acquaction range

During my recent travels, when I landed in Scotland, it was (unsurprisingly) F-F-F-FREEZING.  My skin immediately felt the effects of the long flights, the plunging temperatures and gas central heating and it literally started cracking up!

I was like – WTF?  I have family and friends to catch up with who I haven’t seen for almost 4 years!!  WHY ME?!!  I can’t let them see me looking like a frumpy bum!!!

Luckily, the smart cookie inside me must have anticipated this because before I left Hong Kong to head to UK, I had picked up a few products from the Olay Aquaction range and they miraculously saved my skin and it was back to normal in a matter of days.


Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Hyper Hydrator With Coconut Water MCT

Writing the title (aka the product name) for this post has already tired me out!  In order to make this review easier to read, I shall refer to Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Hyper Hydrator With Coconut Water MCT as Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser (as it is known as on the Kit Cosmetics and Boots websites…even though it has another name on the Sephora website!!)  Before I crack on with my review, I just need a little time-out to get a breather and write a quick letter…

Dear Brands, please make your product names short and concise AND universally accepted with the one name which will make it easier for us mere mortals.  Thanking you in advance, Ling”

Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturizer, Dr Perricone

Product Claims

As light and refreshing as water from a freshly tapped coconut, this tropical topical treat leaves skin soft to the touch and smelling sweet.  Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), fatty acid esters found in coconuts, are easily absorbed to quench your skin’s thirst.  So satisfying, your skin will say Ahhh!

My Thoughts

I am a newbie to this brand but I was hyped up to try Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser because it is created by a dermatologist, Dr Perricone.  Being a skin doctor, he would know his stuff, right?

I liked how “green” the box packaging was – recycled paper and all that jazz.  And then the jar…?  But then there’s a wee black spatula for the finger-dipping haters out there.  For me, I never use any spatulas that are provided (nope, not even when I used the ultra-exxy Creme de La Mer) because yes, your fingers may have germs…but so will a spatula (unless sterilised prior to use).

RRP for 30ml – AU : $62.95 | UK : £29.50 | US : $40
I am British so I still think in UK prices and I would think it’s a reasonable price (in fact, I just checked  the currency exchange rate and it’s cheaper than the US price!)  It’s a good price in US but if I had to buy this in Australia, I would hesitate.  I mean, I love Australia ‘n’ all, but why the jacked-up prices of the same products even though AUD is so strong?!!

I am not the biggest fan of coconut, but I am not as bad as I used to be because last year, I started drinking coconut water and using a couple of coconut-scented products.  However, I am not a fan of milk and I never will be.  Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser smells like coconut plus milk. And I didn’t like it.  But it didn’t deter me from using it because I am a beauty blogger, after all.

I have very dry skin so I never apply moisturiser on its own and need an extra boost with serum.  With Super Hyper Hydrator Daily Moisturiser, I used Seruderm underneath.  And the serum was good, but the moisturiser wasn’t rich and hydrating enough for my skin.

It’s a shame really because the moisturiser is light and absorbs well and doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue – but it’s not enough and my skin wanted more.  I tried to use the entire tub, but got through halfway (which took about 3.5 weeks) and then passed the rest to a friend who has oily skin and needs a light Summer moisturiser.  She loved it!

There are some products I trial and love…but then there are some products I trial and don’t love as much.  Unfortunately, Super By Dr Nicholas Perricone Hyper Hydrator With Coconut Water MCT is in the latter category.  But everyone has different skin so it’s a good thing my friend loved it 🙂

Disclaimer :  PR sample.

Have you tried any products by Dr Perricone?  Do you prefer your skincare to be backed by dermatologists or celebrities?

boa Protective Face Cream SPF 15

Today, I bring to you another product review from the Botanics Of Australia (boa) range – Protective Face Cream SPF 15 – which was sent to me for review purposes.  Now, before any non-Aussie readers click away because they don’t think they can buy any product from the boa range, I bring you good news.  You can buy Botanics Of Australia (and more Aussie brands) products from the Fashion Addict website.  (BTW, I was not paid to tell you this and I haven’t tested their online shopping service so…)  Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, let’s crack on with the review…

rosalina hydrosol


Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion

As part of the new Product Talk by Nuffnang, I leaped at the chance to review Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion (375ml).

Nuffnang Product Talk, Vaseline

First and foremost, I will put my hands up in shame and inform you that with regards to skin on my body, I am too lazy to moisturise!  Check out my highly un-sexy dry scaly legs…(image taken over 6 months ago)…

dry skin


However, since I started taking beauty blogging seriously a few months ago, I have improved and I will moisturise my body on a regular basis (read : when my skin gets cracked and sore).

Being a sloth, I need a body moisturiser which has the following features :-

1.  Easy dispenser – ideally, pump (as anything else requires too much effort, i.e.  jar requires unscrewing and a squeezy tube requires opening the lid and squeezing)
2.  Easily rubs in and absorbed quickly with no greasy film
3.  Quick noticeble results on skin

Does Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion tick all these boxes?  Yes!

What Vaseline Say

Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion enriched with vitamins A, E and B5 helps to replenish hydration daily, keeping the skin vibrant and feeling healthy.

My Opinions

I strategically placed this bottle of moisturiser right outside my shower cubicle so that I would remember to apply this before leaping into my PJs and it worked.  For the last couple of weeks, I have slathered this body lotion all over my body and my usual dry scaly skin has reaped the benefits and transformed into less dry and less scaly skin.  My legs no longer feel like sandpaper!!

The lotion is light and smells pleasent.  It helps that the lotion is soothing to my sore, cracked skin caused by the bitter Winter season in Melbourne.  What surprised me the most was how quickly the lotion would settle into my skin – I guess it’s a sign that my skin is thirsty!

Vaseline, moisturiser for dry skin

Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion comes in a range of sizes at affordable prices (in AUD) – RRP $4.99 for 200ml | RRP $7.29 for 375ml | RRP $10.99 750ml – I’d definitely repurchase!!

Likes :  Pump dispenser, affordable, easily absorbed moisturiser, no greasy residue, soothes cracked skin
Dislikes :  Nothing
The Best Beauty Blog Rating : 10 out of 10 for Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion which is a simple, fuss-free body lotion which shows great results as promised

SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener

Not deterred from having a disappointing experience with SK-II Facial Treatment Essence (reviewed yesterday), I purchased another SK-II product – SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener – and my skin loves it!  Read on for my review.

SK-II, moisturiser, reviews

What SK-II Say

Whitening Source Derm-Brightener is a whitening formula specially designed to address skin tone issues caused by exposure to UV rays, helping to redefine the skin’s crystal clarity.  This formula can also help with spots reduction by providing additional nourishment to the skin.  Whitening Source Derm-Brightener contains the advanced DMT Blocker, a combination of Vitamin C derivative, Pitera and Niacinamide.  DMT Blocker helps to maintains skin’s natural radiance by sweeping away dullness.

My Opinions

First of all, the packaging of SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener is definitely unique.  The beautiful shiny chrome container is totally high-end luxe but beware of unsightly fingerprints and its attraction to dust.  The tub itself is not unique but it’s the dispenser which eliminates the need for the unhygienic practice of finger-dipping.

SK-II reviews

Slowly turn the dispenser anti-clockwise (as indicated by the arrow) and cream will emerge from the hole.  (If you turn too much and too fast, a LOT of cream comes out and there’s no way in putting it back into the tub so it can be a very wasteful and costly mistake!)  I like the idea of this dispenser as it protects the cream from dirty fingers and protects the formula from undergoing changes due to the environment (e.g. sunlight).  The only downsides are not knowing how much moisturiser is left in the tub and not being able to scrape the sides of the tub for any remainder cream ( – hello?  If I am paying an arm and a leg for a moisturiser, I want to get my money’s worth and get every last drop of it on my skin!)

The cream has a subtle fragrance which is only obvious if you give it a good sniff.  The texture of the cream is oh-so-smooth!  It somehow just glides onto my skin and my skin soaks it up leaving behind a slippery but non-greasy film.  It’s like it gives me skin a plastic coating??!!  (That probably doesn’t make much sense so go to an SK-II counter now and test it on your skin and you will know what I mean.)

Now, if I had not moved to Australia, I would never have purchased this whitening moisturiser.  There’s not much sun in UK!!  Unfortunately, even though the sunshine makes me happy, the skin on my face did not appreciate it and it broke out plenty of freckles…and let’s not talk about the wrinkles!  I noticed that my skin tone evened out and brightened up from using SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener (but my freckles did not get lighter – which is forgiveable as it does not claim that it would…but I had wishful thinking…)  As for reducing spots, it’s hard for me to comment on that as I am super-blessed and I rarely get spots (okay…now that I have said that, I bet I will break out tonight!!)

The current RRP in AUD $195 for 75g – is that the weight of the cream or with the luxe jar??  Hmmm…?  Luckily, I bought this in the airport in KL so I didn’t have to fork out so much cash.

Please note that I only use SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener in the evening during Spring and Summer.  For the colder seasons, I have to switch to a more intense and nourishing skincare routine to combat the harsher environment.  When the warmer seasons come round again, and if I have enough money, I am going to try and get my mitts on the SPF 50 version of this for my morning skincare.

Likes :  Special dispenser, instantly smooth skin, evens out skin tone
Dislikes :  Price tag
The Best Beauty Blog Rating : 10 out of 10 – SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener is my high-end luxurious moisturiser for Summer skin!

Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15

It may be winter in Melbourne but it has been pleasantly sunny for the last week.  No wonder we need SPF all year round in Australia! I recently scraped the last blob from my SPF daily moisturiser (only available in Asia) and was wondering how my face would survive when Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15 literally landed on my doorstep.  It’s the SPF version of the original Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream – which I have not used before so I cannot compare the two…

What Trilogy Say

This deeply moisturising cream intensively replenishes all skin types and protects with a natural UV protection.

Evening Primrose, Marula and certified organic Rosehip oils hydrate and rebuild the skin whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to reveal a beautiful, healthy-looking complexion.

Non-greasy and fast absorbing, it provides the perfect base for makeup application.

Product Ingredients

My Opinions

Although the simple packaging does not scream “buy me!”, I have to give it bonus points for the squeezy tube!  Most day moisturisers are in a jar which involve the unhygienic practice of finger-dipping.  (Who knows where your fingers have been?)

Slightly too thick for my liking so it requires a bit of rubbing for the white cream to blend into my skin although it hydrates well.  Initially, I was not a fan of the somewhat sticky residue which stays on your skin all day but I have become accustomed to this.

After daily usage of Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15 for 3 weeks, my skin feels indifferent, i.e. not better nor worse.  I haven’t noticed any changes in my fine lines.  As a make-up base, it performs quite well but I still prefer using a separate primer – although waiting time to apply primer after moisturiser has increased as I don’t feel that this Trilogy cream absorbs quickly enough and my face still feels very tacky after 5 minutes…and it remains like that all day.  But I guess it’s better that it feels moist rather than dry, right?

What I Like : Tube packaging

What I Dislike : Needs a higher SPF, sticky residue

The Best Beauty Blog Rating : 7 out of 10 – worth trying out Trilogy Vital Moisturising Cream SPF15 if you’re looking for hydration during the day, but give it a miss if your skin is oily already.

RRP for 50ml :  Aus $40.95 |  UK £27.50

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