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FACE OF AUSTRALIA Pastels Collection – Photos, Swatches & Nail Art

FOA Pastels Nail Polish Collection, Face Of Australia pastel nails swatches, pastel nails
FACE OF AUSTRALIA, possibly my favourite Australian drugstore brand, have come up with another gorgeous, limited edition nail polish collection of pretty Pastels.  { previous collections include Luxe, Molten Metallics and Barbados } Pastel shades are PERFECT to welcome in the Spring / Summer seasons in the Southern Hemisphere.  I have been dying to swatch them to show you all the 8 stunning shades so here I go.  Get your bibs out and get ready to drool!


Nail Art : Glitzy Peter Pan Collar Nails

peter pan collar nail art, sally hansen gem crush glitz gal

Nails :  Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in Glitz Gal
Feature Nail : Australis Blackmail, Rimmel London I love Lasting Finish London Clouds, NYC Colors Snazzle

I actually did this Peter Pan collar nail art back in April when they were the “in” thing.  Now, they aren’t so “in” anymore and I feel more comfortable posting up this pic because I wasn’t too happy with the results.  Yes, there were many faults with my mani and don’t even look at my cuticles.  But this month, I’m all about positive thinking so when I look at the photo of my Glitzy Peter Pan Collar nails, I just think, “Yay, at least I tried!” rather than, “That’s NOT Nail Art!  That’s Nail FART!”

What do you think of my nail art?  Are you a fan of Peter Pan collars?

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Nail Art : Spectacular Galaxy Nails

For a messy but creative nail art experience, I recommend trying Galaxy Nails – where you just sponge on and layer on lots of colours and glitters and shimmer.  I did this a few weeks ago and when I got some tip wear, I just sponged on another layer of nail polish.  So easy!!!

galaxy nails, cosmic galaxy nails, nail art, nail blog

I used a big mish-mash of nail polishes and I have forgotten which ones I used.  Bad beauty blogger me!!!

galaxy nail art, best beauty blog

Have you tried Galaxy Nails before?

Tokidoki-Inspired Nail Art

tokidoki nails, nail art blog

I have a tokidoki diary for 2012 and I bought it just for the beautiful pictures.  I was flicking through it the other day and I got inspired to tokidoki nails…except it was really difficult and my poor nail art skills didn’t do it any justice.  But then I saw an easy peasy polka dot one that I could do and henceforth, this blog post was born.

tokidoki diary, nail art blog

Tokidoki makes me go gaga!  Obviously this tokidoki-inspired nail art should be renamed colourful polka dots.  It’s really easy and I had a lot of fun putting my nail dotting tools to good use.

Here’s a picture of my nails without the tokidoki background.  It’s actually really pretty with the bright colours and it somehow reminds me of Skittles.

nail art blog, tokidoki nails

The nail polishes I used were : Rimmel London I love Lasting Finish London Clouds (2 coats), Australis Nail Colour Rub-a-dub-dub*, Rimmel London I love Lasting Finish Tangerine Queen, China Glaze Salsa* (swatch), FACE OF AUSTRALIA Luxe Nail Enamel Minty Mojito*, Ulta3 Nail Colour Bottle Green, Ulta3 Nail Colour Orchid*, Nicole by OPI I’ve Got The Power*(swatch).  {* means PR samples}

And just because I can…here’s a picture of me and one of my sisters, Y, with a tokidoki wall  which we salivated over – this was taken in Brisbane in January 2010.  Love love love.  I meant the tokidoki wall; not so much my sister!  Kekeke!

And damn…I’m wearing an uber-short dress – look at my manly muscly calves *shudders*!    But those were the days when I had skinny arms – le sigh…

So are you a mega fan of tokidoki too?  I know friends who have tokidoki handbags and keyrings and make-up.  I only have a tokidoki diary and a Hello Kitty tokidoki toy.  Gah!  But that’s because I can never find places which stock tokidoki stuff…and when I do, it’s when I have no money to buy stuff.

What’s on your nails this weekend?

Red & White Polka Dot Nails

red & white polka dot nails, OPI Big Apple Red, OPI red nail polish

I couldn’t wait to use my new nail dotting tools so I racked my brains to think of a suitable design and came up with the totally un-original red and white polka dot nails which kinda resemble toadstools!  LOL.

The red base is OPI Big Apple Red – a lovely find in one of the Lust Have It boxes from ABBW.  OPI Big Apple Red is bright red creme which every girl should have in their nail polish collection.  I love to paint my toes with this colour.  The white dots are from Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish Nail Polish in London Clouds.

red & white polka dot nails, OPI Big Apple Red, OPI red nail polish

What do you think?  I love this!  

Be My Valentine Manicure

Valentines Nail Art, OPI Excuse Moi!, FACE OF AUSTRALIA Bright Lights, Pink City

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies!  Valentine’s Day is for everyone – whether they are single or attached.  It’s a day to celebrate love with anyone or anything!  I celebrated love by eating ice cream (Connoisseur Cafe Grande) for breakfast!  And here’s my Be My Valentine Nail Manicure featuring FACE OF AUSTRALIA Bright Lights, Pink City from the Barbados collection and OPI Excuse Moi! from the Muppets collection.

OPI Muppets, Excuse Moi!, FOA Bright Lights, Pink City, nail swatches, Valentine's Day nails

Their story goes like this…

Fed up of life in the country, Miss FOA decided to go travelling on her own.  She wanted to see the world and ended up in Bright Lights, Pink City.  Every morning, she loved to go to this particular spot to admire the view…but today, this favourite place of hers was flooded with loved-up couples making out…yep, you guessed it, it was indeed Valentine’s Day.  Miss FOA was happy being single but didn’t like seeing PDA (that’s Public Display of Affection, btw) rubbed in her face.  As she hurried off, she bumped into someone.

“Oops sorry!”
“Oh, Excuse Moi!”

And somehow, they struck up a conversation and they rolled their eyes at the kiss-wissy couples.

“Are you doing anything tonight?”
“No…what do you have in mind?”
“Let’s get outta here!  Let’s go to Barbados to watch the Muppet show!”

And that’s the story of how Miss FOA became best friends with Miss OPI.  No, they didn’t need any guys in their lives.  No, not this year.  They were happy to spend V Day with each other where there was love…like a sisterly kind of love.

OPI Muppets, nail swatch, FOA Barbados, Valentine's Nails

Ahem…don’t think this particular love story will be made into a blockbuster movie.  But let’s give a round of applause to the gorgeous FACE OF AUSTRALIA Barbados Bright Lights, Pink City – a beautiful warm baby pink with a delicate orange  microshimmer – accented by OPI Excuse Moi! – a pink glitter-fest of love!

Disclaimer :  PR samples were provided.

What colour combo would be in your Be My Valentine Manicure?

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