I have decided to start a new series on the blog entitled “Girl Crush Of The Week” not because I have changed my sexual preference – I love my Husband forever!  But because I thought it would be great to highlight the beauty of girls I admire.

To kickstart the Girl Crush Of The Week, I have chosen Nina Dobrev; otherwise known as Elena from The Vampire Diaries.

The funny thing is… I only started watching The Vampire Diaries yesterday…and I started watching Season 2 first…so I got VERY confused!  But hey, it wasn’t the vampire brothers that kept me interested – it was Elena who is also Katherine and who is the actress Nina Dobrev!!!  (Yes, very confusing so that’s why if you don’t watch it, get on it!)

She is so pretty!!!  Flawless skin, gorgeous brown eyes, luscious brown hair and a figure to die for!!!  I really really really like her slim arms!  I look at my podgy ones and think, “Dammit!!!”

Very girl-crush-worthy, dontcha think?  Now I’m off to catch up on Season 1 so I can follow the story better.

Do you watch The Vampire Diaries too?  My sister asked me which brother I think is hotter…and I THINK I like Stefan better…but at the end of the day, Elena AKA Nina Dobrev wins!!!  

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