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As you all know, I am a big fangirl of eyeshadow palettes with my NYX 112 colours and my numerous Urban Decay palettes.  A new addition (the newest is Naked2!!) to my collection is NVEY ECO Eyeshadow Palette 5 Colour Collection in Palette 6 (yes, a bit confusing there!).  This brand may be unfamiliar to most of you so allow me to give a brief introduction because you will be seeing a number of NVEY ECO reviews in the near future because they sent me a few things to test out.


NVEY ECO, based in Melbourne, is made with certified organic ingredients.  The benefit of using organic products is to give your skin and body a rest from chemicals and toxins in cosmetics – important to consider for those with sensitive skin.  The high performance characteristics are achieved without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, and NVEY ECO is not tested on animals.  For more information, please head to their website.

About The Palette

NVEY ECO eyeshadow palettes are housed in a sleek black shell with a mirror inside.  Palette 6 contains 5 matte shades – #170 dark grey with tiniest hint of shimmer, #171 violet-grey, #168 nude pink, #172 taupe and #173 olive-grey.  The great thing about this palette are the shades – they complement each other beautifully and I don’t need to find another shade from another palette to complete my look.

The pigmentation of these colours are not strong; but subtle – as you can see in the swatches.  I swatched these using the sponge applicators – but I feel that the eyeshadows work better when warmed up using fingers.

My Thoughts

Organic make-up is new to me.  But I’m liking NVEY ECO’s philosophy!

I am loving the sexy and sleek packaging with the mirror – it is all very handbag-friendly.  Not the biggest fan of sponge tip applicators generally but they will do for touch-ups.

As I have mentioned, it’s my first real dabble with organic eyeshadows so I really can’t compare it to any other brand.  But if I compare it with other eyeshadows I own, I am generally pleased with the quality.  Yes, pigmentation isn’t very strong, but there is no fall-out and the texture is nice and smooth.  I don’t wear eyeshadow without primer so I cannot comment about lasting power.

RRP $75.95 – can I say, “Ouch!

For me, the strong point about the NVEY ECO Eyeshadow Palette 5 Colour Collection in Palette 6 is that the shades complement each other and there are numerous combinations of looks which can be achieved with these 5 colours.  The organic part of it makes me feel kinda good..that tiny bit healthier…but it hasn’t converted me into a complete organic cosmetics supporter and I will still continue to buy chemical-laden cosmetics.

P.S.  How awesome is that first photo of the palette?  So proud of myself LOLOLOL!  Learning some neat new photography tricks!  Do you like?