As you may already know, my life has been consumed by my 4-day working week so daily beauty blog posts are a thing of the past.  Hopefully, I can find the right balance soon to summon my inner energetic goddess and learn how to blog and work together like birds of a feather.  Meanwhile, I present to you a new series called Beauty Bites with short and sweet morsels of beauty goodness to tickle your fancy.  (Sorry, I have been reading Fifty Shades of Grey so the vocab has rubbed off on me…rubbed…oo-er! :P)

Rimmel eyeshadows, Rimmel Glam Eyes HD quads

Rimmel London Glam Eyes HD : Yes, they are very pretty to look at with their Union Jack patterns…as for practicality with those tiny triangles and shapes of eyeshadow, well…it’s like using an iPhone to type an 5000-word essay…it gets rather annoying especially if you have clumsy fingers which go everywhere!  (I don’t even know if this metaphor makes sense!  Yup, I have definitely been infected by the Fifty Shade Of Grey author, EL James!!  Read and you’ll get what I mean!)

Katniss braid

Katniss Braid : I read The Hunger Games trilogy and I got inspired to braid my hair because apparently Katniss wears a braid.  I was very much Team Peeta…until I watched the movie and realised that the Peeta actor has funny teeth so I was verging on Team Gale…but then I realised that in real life, he shacks up with Miley Cyrus… and need I say more?

Fishtail Braid :  Speaking of braids, the MBBE (Melbourne beauty bloggers) got shown how to do all types of braids at an Oscar Oscar Salon event in their Chadstone salon.  Hair belongs to Tina (who is leaving for Taiwan soon – noooo!!!), hands belong to one of Oscar Oscar’s many hair gurus, Jacky Chan, and the babelicious babe smiling in the background is Shizuka.  Go say hi and tell ’em I sent ya 😉

ghd Curls :  Still talking about hair, we were also shown how to curl hair using ghd straighteners.  Amy did my hair and we love camwhoring.

Illamasqua lipstick, Illamasqua purple nail polish, Illamasqua palette

Illamasqua Love :  These beauties arrived on my desk a few weeks ago and *swoon* – don’t they look amazing?  However, I am currently hating my eyes because my eyelash extensions are looking not-that-hot anymore so I am waiting till they all fall out before testing the Illamasqua Neutral Palette.  And the pinky nail on my swatching hand decided to commit suicide last night so will have to swatch later.  As for the lippies, yes, I found time to remove my ‘tache this morning so will be testing them out soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Kate Middleton’s Teal Dress :  My jaw dropped when I saw Kate wearing this gorgeous Jenny Packham dress.  It is stunning.  Absolutely stunning.  And look, she has braids too!  I think I have Braid Fever!!!!
(image from :

Me :  And just because I can, here is another photo of me; unedited might I add 😛  I have been using plenty of wonderful skincare products lately so I will share about them later.  Thanks to all those who have been supportive of my beauty blog and mucho apologies for being absent these days.  I promise I will try and get on track ASAP.

And do let me know what you think of Beauty Bites.  Is it something you like or do you prefer my old tried and tested format of beauty product reviews?