5 Face Masks To Suit All Skin Types & Budgets

When I was back in my hometown Glasgow a few weeks ago, one of the first few things my lovely mother did for me was to book me in for a facial at the beauty salon.  I used to get facials ALL THE TIME back in my pre-Aussie days (before 2009) because :-

1.  I was vain (okay, I kinda still am!) and wanted to have amazing looking skin whilst I was flirting with all the guys (yes, I used to be a big flirt too!)
2.  I used to have a semi-stressful lifestyle where I worked really hard and partied even harder so I earned good money (back then!) and could afford/needed to pamper myself

Nowadays, facials at a beauty salon are a long-lost luxury for me.  Instead, I have to resort to good old DIY (even have to trim my own hair!) facials at home with face masks which I’ve had fun testing (anything non-nappy-related is fun for me these days haha!)

Anyway, let’s take a look at them together and maybe you’ll find one that will tickle your fancy…


Priceline GWP Haul

On Thursday afternoon (yes, this post is 2 days late), I spent over an hour in Priceline browsing through all the cosmetics and skincare aisles.  They are currently doing this offer – if you spend over $50AUD on selected brands, you get a bag full of goodies.

I love GWP = Gifts With Purchase

This is what I bought…


Australis cosmetics are doing a couple of special offers – buy 2 and get the 3rd item for free and spend over $25AUD and get a free eyeshadow brush set.  (GWP FTW!)

Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Boogie Woogie at $12.95
Australis Eyeshadow Primer at $12.95
Australis Liquid Concealer Pen at $12.95  (3rd item free!!!!)
Australis eyeshadow brush set – GWP which is free!

Priceline shopping haul

Nair Sensitive Precision Facial Hair Remover Cream at $6.50
Rimmel London Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil in Jet Black at $8.50
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Fragrance-Free (400ml) at $9.95

Total spend was $51AUD so I got my free bag of goodies.  YAY!  Amazing stuff in there!

Priceline gift with purchase

Hence, there will be lots of product reviews and whatnots to come.  Before anyone thinks I’m a product hogger (which I really am!), I will include some products in my next giveaway.  I like doing giveaways!!  Have you joined my recent Happy Giveaway yet?

I tried to hide my haul from the Hubby but he found out!  Oopsie!!  He complained that I never bought him anything…but what’s the point when he doesn’t usually use any skincare products anyway?!

What beauty products have you purchased recently?

For more information on the offer in Priceline, please check out their website.  This offer runs from 31st March 2011 to 11th April 2011.  Go, go, go!!!

Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover Review

Palmer's, cocoa butter, facial hair remover

If you recall, I bought Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover back in December, but I was not keen to use it because of the bad smell.  However, desperate times calls for desperate measures!!  My Husband started saying, “Hi Tasha!” i.e. he was saying hello to my moustache!!!

facial hair, tasha

I was a bit apprehensive but I bit the bullet and tested the smelly Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover.  Here is a picture of the ingredients and the instructions on how to use it.

parentals 318

I applied a thick layer of the smelly stuff on one corner of my upper lip.  Waited around for 4.5 minutes and then scraped the cream off with the spatula provided.  I was surprised at how much hairs there were!!

tasha, facial hair, after use of hair removal cream
Gross or what?

The area of skin where I had applied the Palmer’s facial hair remover was throbbing red.  It was a tad  itchy.  As instructed, I washed off the area with cold water and patted it gently with cotton wool.

facial hair, upper lip facial hair

And then I examined the area closely.  Pah!!  There were still some stubborn hairs left.

I was disappointed that there was no aftercare cream to apply on the area because my skin was red and itchy and needed something soothing.  So I dug out my old hair removal cream aftercare moisturiser and put some on.

In conclusion, Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover is not a product I would recommend.

  • It did not remove all my facial hair even after I followed the instructions to a tee.
  • It smells really bad.
  • The thick brush which you are supposed to use to apply the cream worries me because of cross-contamination.
  • The product was not kind to my sensitive skin, leaving it red and itchy.
  • No aftercare soothing moisturiser.
  • A thumbs down 2 out of 10

Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

Sometimes I buy beauty products because they have pretty packaging.  I was lured into buying Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover because of the pretty pink box.

Palmers Facial Hair Remover, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

Product Description

Hair remover developed especially for the face. Pure cocoa butter enriched with vitamin E leaves the face soft and smooth.  Contains a built-in brush for easy application.

I have used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter skin moisturisers before and have loved them.  BUT…yes, a big BUT!  This hair removal cream stinks so much that I have not even used it yet!!!!  I cannot stand to apply it on my upper lip as the toxic fumes will just knock me out!!!

Palmers Facial Hair Remover, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover

Has anyone out there used this product??  Does anyone out there want to use this??

I think I’ll wait till I have a blocked nose before I attempt to use this.

And great…I have to live with a hairy upper lip till I find a suitable product.  Any recommendations are greatly welcomed!

EDIT : I was forced to use it recently and have written a review on Palmer’s No Blade Cocoa Butter Facial Hair Remover here