The second #bbloggersoz was another success.  Thanks again to co-hosts Celeste and Jade and for everyone else who participated.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so please do not be afraid to share your views.

To recap, the topic of the night was – Photography tips

There were divided opinions on a number of things so I have grouped them together :-

Type of Camera


An inexpensive digital camera takes better pics than the phones. Sad but true.

I use a regular digital camera for my blog photos. It would be great to invest in a DSLR but i don’t think it’s that necessary

THE BEST CAMERA is the one you have with you. You don’t need a DSLR to take good pics

You just need to understand the camera you have and how to use it – be that a DSLR, a little camera or an iPhone

Advice on Lighting

The key to good photos – good lighting!! Without lighting, you won’t be able to showcase your items / person perfectly.

For nails, I have a light box. For face, I use light umbrellas. All to replicate natural light.

When I take FOTDs I take a heap, with a few different lighting options. If that doesn’t work I’ll adjust the lighting

Opinions On Photo Editing

Best photo editing tools of the trade , in my opinion – Photoshop and Lightroom.

I’m not a fan of Photoshop just because I find it confusing. I get away with using Gimp, Picasa and Piknik.

I don’t mind Instagram, it has some fun features, but Iike seeing at least 1 non-Instagram, accurate photo in FOTDs

I feel uncomfortable now that I know people are editing lighting, contrast etc.

I don’t agreed with digitally removing blemishes. Everybody should be proud of how they look

I would never airbrush a FOTD pic. I think that’s cheating…

I am not going to let an eyebrow post for example go on there with an oozing yellow head between my brows. Selective editing!

Beauty blogging is about being real.Don’t forget, all beauty mag ads are Photoshopped so it’s up to us to tell it how it is

I personally believe you can enhance photos without changing its true nature.

Sizing – if you have huge photos that take a long time to load, you’ve lost me already. but keep the quality when cropping!

There is nothing sexy about product shots when they’re too closely cropped

I really like adding a little fun caption to each of my pictures for the people who just skim through blogs nowadays.

Practical Photography Tips

Use a tripod where possible. Some of us are blessed with steady hands, but not all of us do.

If you want a close up (lips, eyes, etc) make sure you’re focusing on that item – don’t focus on your face and then crop.  Be in focus

I always have my table mirror behind as I take my picture with one hand so I don’t get “blind” shots and can see how it looks

When I do lipstick posts, I always take one full face shot and one lip shot. Full face gives a better picture of how it looks!!

Taking hundreds of pics also helps, at least a couple will turn out well

The key to better photography – practice, practice, practice. practice taking photos, framing photos and then editing them

To Watermark or Not To Watermark?

I always watermark but that’s because my photos get stolen with alarming regularity.

Definitely watermark

I reckon no watermark because it takes away from the image

Always ask for the permission of the blogger before using their photos even if their watermarked pictures are linked back to them with full disclosure.

Think carefully before you watermark if you intend to move to your own domain name in the future, e.g. from to your own

Fab Photos But Badly Written Blog vs Bad Photos But Well Written Blog

Try to have both, but great pics have more impact, especially for first-time visitors

I guess great photos will save the day, most people don’t bother to read a whole post and will just look at the pic

For a review, well written, for a swatch, good photos

For me swatch accuracy is important but that’s about it, I go for writing over pics

A picture says a thousand words

Would love to think its good writing but in reality people usually photo skim a post

Photos are the key!

Wise Words

Know your camera, good lighting makes a world of difference, use duckface for all lip photos (ok, maybe not the last tip).

Perfect photos but dull writing don’t maketh the blog

At the end of the day, everyone takes different photos. Photo and blog variety benefits everyone


Great discussion ladies.  Whatever works for you, keep doing it!  The next #bbloggersoz topic will be announced on Thursday and if you have any suggestions, please let us know.