My Baby Bump

my baby bump at week 15

LOOK AT THE ABOVE PHOTO CAREFULLY!!!  This is called a BABY BUMP at 15 weeks and 6 days.  NOT to be confused with a food baby.  NOT to be confused with flabby belly.


And this photo is the best flabby belly / food baby I could find of myself.  Notice how the flab flops down and doesn’t stay up like a baby bump.

I am just making sure you notice the difference so that you never do what some people did to me previously…


A Random Rant Of A Glasses-Wearer With Nose Dents

Annoying Glasses | Nose Dent | Contacts + Nose Dent | Hello Kitty Glasses

The last time I had my vision checked, my prescription was along the lines of -12.50 and -13.50, i.e. blind as a bat!  I have worn glasses since I was 9 years old and finally, in 2002, there was a breakthrough and they found a brand of contact lens for my eyesight.  Hallelujah!!  Contact lenses were great because I didn’t have to wear those heavy thick-rimmed glasses anymore.  It was a whole new world because I started wearing eye make-up and my self-confidence soared and boys started noticing me.  You could say I went from geek to chic!  I wore them for work, for the gym, for dates, for parties, for clubs…

And then I moved to Melbourne in 2010 and out came the glasses again.  Why?  (Rant alert!)  It’s the bloody annoying dry heat!!!  ARGH!!! My eyes get dry so so so easily.  I can probably only wear my contact lenses for a maximum of 5-6 hours (instead of my usual 18 hours) before they irritate the heck outta me!  No amount of eye drops help.

I wouldn’t mind wearing glasses if mine weren’t so bloody heavy that they have caused a semi-permanent dent on my already-non-existent-Asian-nose-bridge!  And before you say anything, I have the thinnest lens possible but my glasses still weigh a ton.  It’s got to the point where I am not looking for a concealer to conceal my dark circles but to conceal those dents.  ARGH!!!

I’ve been doing some internet research on laser eye surgery because I think that’s my only option.  When I was in Hong Kong, my cousin raved about it because she had hers done and no longer needs glasses EVER!  It’s so much cheaper to get it done in Asia…  If I am eligible and I have enough savings, that’s on my to-do list next time I am back in Hong Kong.

However, my sister got a Lasik assessment and they told her that she was not eligible because of her eye shape. Oh fantastico!  We come from the same gene pool…what if I am also not eligible?  Does that mean I will forever have these stupid nose dents?

Have you had laser eye surgery?  Please share your story to help me.  And if you have a rant about anything, please share and let’s rant together 🙂