Salon Melbourne

Mini Shopping Haul From Salon Melbourne

Yesterday, I shared about my experience at Salon Melbourne and today, as promised, I’m going to show you my mini shopping haul.  I say mini because I didn’t really buy as much as I really wanted to buy.  I had to restrain myself because we are moving house next week and we need to pay for cleaner, steam carpet cleaner and removal men.  Argh!

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ZOYA Intimate Collection ($25 AUD) featuring Dannii, Jules, Caitlin, Dove, Marley and Gemma.  It’s my first time with ZOYA so I hope we’ll get along.  I’m glad they have names instead of numbers but they’re still not as cool as OPI’s kickass names 😛

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Layla Magneffect 24 Starry Night ($10 AUD) : I have been very curious about magnetic nail polishes but not really seen them in shops so I was happy to see the Layla Magneffect range at Salon Melbourne.  The guy who served me was totally gross though!  He coughed into his hand, took my money and then coughed again and handed me back my change.  YUK!  He was Asian like me.  Damn us Asians!  LOL.

OPI Alpine Snow ($10 AUD) : Like, OMG!  The OPI stall was packed full of ladies because they were half their normal RRP.  I so wanted EVERYTHING because I love me some OPI…but I only bought one.  A pure white…mainly for nail art purposes 🙂

ZOYA Rina ($3 AUD) : I picked this up when I went to pay for the above Intimate Collection because it was cheap and because the glittery green caught my eye.

Crown Eyeshadow Smudge Brush ($5 AUD) : I had my eye on some Rae Morris brushes…but I only walked away with this brush.  I am thinking of using it to clean up my nails after I paint them.


Please note :-

1.  I swear I’m not turning into a nail polish blogger!
2.  I will update this blog post with links when I swatch them.
3.  Two of nails on my swatching hand decided to commit suicide when they saw my nail polish haulage!  I now have nubbins!  Damn them!

Anyway, let me know what you have bought recently.  I need to stop buying!!!  Arghhh!!! 

Beauty Event : My Experience At Salon Melbourne

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Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Salon Melbourne.  Now before you get confused, Salon Melbourne is not a beauty salon to get your hair and nails done.  In fact, it’s a hair and beauty exhibition catered towards salon professionals featuring beauty brands, the latest products and the best in the creative industry education.  {}

Before I went into the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, I was a little bit apprehensive because I was there on my own and I felt a tad silly for bringing my it’s-not-a-DSLR-but-it’s-still-bulkier-than-a-point-and-shoot-camera.  I told myself that I’d do a quick walk around, snap some pics and leave in 30 minutes.  30 minutes turned into 2.5 hours!!!  There was so much to see.  It was so much fun!

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I watched a mini fashion show and catwalk parade with the latest must-haves in hair, make-up and fashion.  (Dayummm, those models had legs that went on forever!!  My cankles trembled in shame!)

I learnt about the new hair trends and how to use a hair rat to create the big oomph-y bun.  (Sorry, I’m not too familiar with the hair jargon so I just invented my own!)

Melbourne beauty blog, Salon Melbourne blog

There was a wall filled with editorial photos of Australia’s talented peeps.  I loved the creativity, the colours and the photography.

I spent forever at make-up stalls admiring at the products and wondering what to buy.  OPI were selling all nail polishes for $10 AUD – bargainous!!  (It was like make-up display porn!)

I bought some goodies and I ended up getting toe cramp!  I know, right?!  Thank God there was a Media Lounge where I could rest my feet and Tweet!

What did I end up buying?  I’ll show you tomorrow so join us again 🙂

So how did you spend your Saturday?  Were you at Salon Melbourne too?  I wonder if it’s an annual event because I would definitely go back next year!

UPDATE :  Yay!  It is an annual event.  Next year in 2013, the dates are Sunday 14th and Monday 15th of April!