Dduk-Gahng Jeong from Seoul Metro

Everyone keeps asking me if I have any weird pregnancy cravings and the simple answer is – NOPE!  I am eating more or less the same foods I ate pre-pregnancy EXCEPT for my favourite – SPICY FOODS!!!  I miss spicy food oh-so-much!  However, if I eat anything remotely spicy, I will have severe heartburn and acid reflux all night long resulting in less sleep than my current 4 hours broken sleep situation.  Le sigh.

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Anyway, I am currently craving Dduk-Gahng Jeong – an amazing spicy and yummilicious dish from Seoul Metro, a wee hidden Korean gem we stumbled upon in Melbourne city a few months ago.  It is deep fried chicken – who doesn’t love some good old Korean fried chicken? – with Korean rice cakes which are chewy doughy pillows of yum, covered in this sweet chilli and sticky honey sauce – it has a great chilli kick and fantastic textures to chow down on.  *drools*


The last time we visited Seoul Metro, we just ordered the Large portion of Dduk-Gahng Jeong and two bowls of steamed rice and ate till the plate was licked clean and our bellies were full of happy food 🙂

Seoul Metro banchan I also took a picture of the Banchan that was offered at Seoul Metro.  (For the Korean food newbies, Banchan is the little Korean side dishes they serve you alongside the meal.)  I can’t remember whether I liked the kimchi or not – but right now, I would love to eat some of that spicy fermented Chinese leaf!!!

Oh…and did you know that pregnant women should not eat beansprouts because they carry a Salmonella risk?

Anyway, I really shouldn’t blog about food before going to bed.  It is making me very HUNGRY!!!

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