There are some beauty bloggers out there who review products from the same brands over and over again.  And then there’s me.  I love to try out new brands all the time and introduce you all to them.  It’s just so that I can gloat later and say, “Yes, you read it here first!”  Let’s give a warm welcome to the French brand, Serge Louis Alvarez and I’ll be reviewing the SLA Crystal Shadow today.

SLA, Serge Louis Alvarez makeup

About SLA

Serge Louis Alvarez is a professional, natural and organic makeup range created by the master of makeup artistry, Serge Louis Alvarez.  The SLA philosophy is to create a new look on beauty…“To be both glamorous and beautiful whilst respecting your health and the environment”.  (taken from their website)

Product & Swatch

So I couldn’t find much information on this exact product but there are other shades of Crystal Shadows available.  But what I like about it is the fantastic shimmy shimmer pigmentation with just one light roll of the rollerball.  From a practical point of view, eyeshadow with a rollerball method of application isn’t the easiest with lack of precision.

It’s a shame because it gets lost amongst my sea of eyeshadow palettes and I don’t think, “Oooh, I need to wear Serge Louis Alvarez Crystal Shadow on my lids STAT!

I do have other products in the SLA collection to show you so keep an eye out for that.

Have you heard of SLA before?  And do you like rollerball eyeshadows?