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My Husband’s Hands are Feeling Peachy Thanks to Mary Kay

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Picture the following scenario…  You’re getting it on with your partner and it’s getting all hot and heavy when suddenly you feel the roughest sandpaper hands on your delicate body parts.  Do you shriek and stop or carry on because you like it like that?  If you shriek and stop, then you will definitely be interested in the following 3 Mary Kay products from the Satin Hands range which changed my husband’s sandpaper “rough as guts” hands to softer and much more pleasant (but still very manly) hands :-

  • Mary Kay Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub
  • Mary Kay Fragrance Free Hand Softener
  • Mary Kay Peach Hand Cream


An Awkward Review of Lelo Smart Wand

Lelo, Smart Wand, Lelo massager

The reason for the awkwardness?  Well, you can jog your memory { here } on how I acquired the Lelo Smart Wand and laugh at me again for my naivety.  Yes, I did think it was a very odd shape for a back massager but look at the luxurious box it came in.  I didn’t think it was anything dodgy until a lot of people commented on it when I posted a picture on Instagram (which was deleted swiftly as soon as I found out!)  I was just extremely embarrassed and mortified for my lack of knowledge on such gadgets 😛  And this review is going to be slightly awkward as it will be full of un-intentional sexual innuendoes – you have been warned!


5 Products To Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

Sorry for being MIA for the last few days but when work gets crazy busy, the last thing I want to do is blog.  Another last thing I want to do is…well, dare I say it?…no, I can’t…but let’s call it “bedroom activity”; although it isn’t constrained to just the bedroom, if ya know what I mean 😛

With regards to beauty blogging, motivation for me to blog is the lovely comments you lovely people leave me.  With regards to “bedroom activity”, my Husband is well pleased that I have discovered 5 products which give me motivation to engage in such activities.  Yep, they really spice things up in the bedroom and I am prepared to share that with you all today!  How awesome am I?  *pats myself on the back*

1.  MOR Candied Vanilla Almond Fragrant Candle

Get into “boudoir” mode by lighting a scented candle as it creates a lovely ambience.  It’s also easy to hide any flab and cellulite with this dark lighting.  Just be careful that you don’t get too frisky and knock over the candle and burn the house down!  You have been warned!

2.  Yellowglen Spritz Chilled Blush

My favourite alcoholic drink du jour is Rekordelig Strawberry & Lime Cider, but we ran out so any bubbly alcoholic drink will do.  It tickles my tastebuds and the bubbles go straight to my head which means it brings out my naughty side *wink*  You can have fun pouring this on and licking this off your partner’s body parts too!  Maybe place waterproof bedsheets under your normal bedsheets to prevent the mattress from getting drunk too 😛

3.  Fifty Shades Of Grey

Release your “inner goddess” and read aloud some erotica.  For me, Fifty Shades Of Grey is really difficult to read as it is full of bad writing and grammar, but my Husband and I skip to the sex parts.  It won’t turn you on, but it will get both of you giggling, which will loosen you up.  If reading this book does turn you on, then…I have no idea what to say, but really??!!!

4.  Shiffa Sensual Body Oil

Indulge in a sensual full body massage with this glorious rose-scented massage oil.  Too easy!!!  This was in the goody bag from the MBBE event last year and can be purchased from Miss Fox.  Like OMG, it is divine!!!  Highly recommended!

5.  Four Seasons Personal Lubricant

Now before you judge me, this was a gift from my bridal shower over 2 years ago.  As you can see, the tube is still full as we have had no need to use it – but I just wanted to show you guys because the tube glows in the dark.  And the word “lubricant” or “lube” or “lubrication” makes me giggle.  Such childish humour, right?  LOL

So…now that I’ve shared my 5 products, what are you waiting for?  Grab your partner and get onto it!  Also, do let me know what products do it for you?  

10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex

Yes, I used the S-E-X word on my blog.  Shock horror!  Secondly, it is Friday and I do realise that I am supposed to write about something dental-related for my TGIF (Teeth, Gums – It’s Friday) series.  Well, you know…chocolate with its high sugar content and teeth are the worst enemies – so what else do you need to know?  Eat more so I can get employed!!

Anyway, I figured that no-one would really want to spend their Friday reading about the 10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Bad For Your Teeth so I decided to twist it around and come up with 10 Reasons Why Chocolate Is Better Than Sex…so are you ready?  Here I go…

1.  You can eat chocolate in public without getting fined.

2.  Chocolate won’t give you backache.

3.  You don’t have to be flexible or go into awkward positions to eat chocolate.

4.  Chocolate doesn’t get you pregnant (but too much can make you fat though)

5.  It’s much easier to multi-task when consuming chocolate.

6.  You can eat chocolate slowly or eat it really fast.  You’re in control.

7.  Chocolate is yummy in solid form and liquid form.

8.  You can still answer the phone when you’re eating chocolate.

9.  Chocolate can be shared with colleagues, friends and family members.  Even strangers.

10.  There’s no age limitations when it comes to chocolate.

This is another cheeky post from me.  Do I really think that chocolate is better than sex?  Well…I’m a dentist so obviously I am not a huge fan of chocolate, so that’s all I’m saying…but I do like the odd Lindt chocolate balls now and again.

Whaddya think?  Any more reasons why chocolate is better than sex?  Or does reading about S-E-X on a beauty blog give you the heeby-jeebies?  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks.