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Genius Product! Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner for Very Dry Skin featuring #NIVEAduckie

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At the start of my maternity leave at 34 weeks, I was doing lots of things from nesting activities to discovering a love for baking to going out to meet friends for lunch / brunch / dinner / shopping dates.  In between those busy moments, I still found time to blog.  But then, as soon as I reached the 36 week stage, all my best laid plans came to a halt as I physically could not keep up and I was cancelling dates left, right and centre and now, I am virtually a prisoner in my own home!!!  Luckily, my Mum flew in from Scotland just in time to take care of me and pamper to all my needs!  Yay!  All I have been doing these days is sleeping, eating, scratching my itchy stretch marks and playing Candy Crush (yes, I am back on that stupid addictive game again!!).  My energy levels are low but that is probably partially due to the low iron levels in my blood as confirmed by the doctor yesterday.  Le sigh.  Anyway, that is my pregnancy update for now…

As for today’s blog post, I was triggered to write about Nivea In-Shower Rich Body Lotion Skin Conditioner after receiving this cute rubber duck #NIVEAduckie in the mail this week.  I was like, “Oh, it’s a rubber duck from Nivea – how cute.  Oh wait a minute, I should write a review on that Nivea shower moisturiser if I have the energy tomorrow…”, so here I am today – Yay!!


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas With Kiehl’s

Kiehl's Christmas gift box set

Here’s a little fact of today which will FREAK you out…  There are only 36 more sleeps till Christmas!!!  And in 6 weeks (plus 1 day), we start the NEW YEAR – 2014!!!  Isn’t that crazy?  Okay, maybe I’m the only one who has not registered this in my head till today… after all, I have been living a “hermit” lifestyle for the last couple of weeks since my maternity leave kicked in and I haven’t really gone out much so yeah, I haven’t even seen a Christmas tree yet!  Or maybe I have, but I have baby blinkers on…??  Anyway, I only realised that Christmas was round the corner when I received this Christmassy package from Kiehl’s – a beautiful red box wrapped in a white bow – which prompted me to sing “It’s beginning to look like a lot like Christmas…” and that’s all the lyrics I know to that song 😛

So what was inside my special Kiehl’s box…?


The Story about Palmolive Shower Gel, My Husband, Zombies and a Cockroach…


Warning :  This is a long story, but it is a true story.

One day in our local supermarket…

Me :  We need to buy new shower gel.
Husband :  Why?
Me :  Because we’ve ran out!  Duh!
Husband :  But you’re a beauty blogger!  Don’t brands send you shower gels???
Me :  Nope.
Husband :  Can’t you ask them to?

Me *rolls eyes* and gives Husband the “WTF?! face” and goes to look at the shower gel selection.

I scanned the shelves to see what was on special offer (yes, I am Asian like that!) and these big bottles of Palmolive Shower Gels caught my eye.  The Palmolive Invigorating Shower Gel with Pomegranate and Mango tickled my eyeballs and I sneakily took a sniff and I WAS SOLD as it smelt divine!  And yes, I actually bought the same one I sniffed – I am not THAT gross 😛


LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit

La Clinica Skin Care, La Clinica reviews

A few weeks ago, I came home from a long hard day at work to find a lovely surprise package from the wonderful people at the Melbourne-based certified organic skincare brand, La Clinica.  I literally had a *squee* moment when I saw that it was the LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit.

La Clinica skin care, La Clinica Dermabrasion kit

The products in the LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit are :-

  • Gly C Refine Body Wash Gel Glycolic Acid 8%
  • Gly C Refine Body Moisturiser Glycolic Acid 10%
  • Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Body Scrub Glycolic Acid 14%

As it is Winter in Melbourne, I have plenty of dead flaky skin all over my arms and legs so after taking photos, I whisked away the products and took them into the shower that night and I have been using this every second day for the last few weeks.  I don’t think I can use it every day because I am worried that the glycolic acid is too abrasive for my skin.

La Clinica skincare, La Clinica review

Gly C Refine Body Wash Gel Glycolic Acid 8%

This lavender-smelling clear gel is pretty nice on my skin, especially when I use it with my awesome Kuu Konjac sponge.  It doesn’t foam up though which is a shame because I love a good foamy shower.  Also, the pump dispenser is a tad small for my liking for a body wash which means it is a little troublesome.

Gly C Refine Micro Dermabrasion Body Scrub Glycolic Acid 14%

So after using the Body Wash, I use the Body Scrub and it’s my favourite product in the kit.  There are tiny microbeads in the Body Scrub which exfoliate away all the dead flaky skin on my body and it reveals all the nice soft skin underneath.  It’s a gentle exfoliant which doesn’t leave my skin feeling raw and sore.  LOVE IT!

Gly C Refine Body Moisturiser Glycolic Acid 10%

This isn’t any ordinary body moisturiser because it contains glycolic acid.  This means that it continues to refine skin whilst hydrating my skin.  Apparently, with continued usage, it can help with stretch marks and discolourations.  Genius!

I can definitely see an improvement in the texture of my skin as it is a lot smoother and softer to touch, especially on my arms.  As for refining skin in terms of stretch marks (I have some on my inner thighs – NO IDEA how they got there), I will update this if or when I notice any improvements there.  Thanks again La Clinica for this lovely gift.  If you want to purchase the LA CLINICA Gly C Refine Body Refining Micro Dermabrasion Kit AU$90 to try for yourself, then please head to and let them know I sent you 🙂

My Current Shower Buddies

I don’t know how it happened but it just did.  Instead of being faithful to one shower product, I started using four shower products – Dove Go Fresh Energise Body Wash Grapefruit & Lemongrass Scent, Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub, Botanics Of Australia Revitalising Body Cleanser* and Medihoney Gentle Body Wash* – every time I shower for different body parts!  The way I see it is that the skin on my body is not the same type all the way so I need to cater to this.  Allow me to introduce you to my current shower buddies…


Ego Pinetarsol Soap Free Cleansing Solution

Ego soap free, Ego cleansing solution

Ego Pinetarsol Soap Free Cleansing Solution is an anti-itch soap alternative.  It relieves itchy and inflamed skin associated with dermatitis, chicken pox, nappy rash, sunburn, prickly heat, insect bites, anal and genital itching and other skin irritations.

So the other day, I had anal AND genital itching!!  NO!!!  I’m just kidding!  Honestly!!  I have eczema, which usually flares up when I eat too much wheat products or get stressed.  I should also moisturise as my skin is so dry and scaly, but I am a lazy bum and tend to skip moisturising my body!  My usual shower gel was irritating my skin so that’s how I ended up buying Ego Pinetarsol Solution.

Ego soap free, Ego cleansing solution

How To Use Pinetarsol Solution In The Shower

Shake bottle before use.  Apply directly to wet skin (area of itchy skin only) by pump spray.  Leave a few minutes and then rinse briefly.  Pat dry.

My Opinions

  • It smells like tar – in fact, when I use it, the smell repels my Husband (which could be a good thing if he wants to get it on and I don’t – LOL)
  • Relieves itching for a few hours
  • It’s not really a soap alternative for the entire body

Ego Pinetarsol Soap Free Cleansing Solution is good for skin with itching and inflammation, but as a long term alternative to soap for the entire body, it’s not ideal.  I would much prefer using an emollient-based shower cream to relieve my itchy dry patches.  Rated an average 5.5 out of 10 by The Best Beauty Blog.

Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub

I am about to introduce to you to the best body scrub I have ever used and it’s from Korea – Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub.

Bioglo, red ginseng, body scrub
Product Description & Ingredients

Bioglo, body scrub ingredients

Formulated with exfoliating walnut shells and enriched with premium Korean Red Ginseng and 12 nourishing plant extracts. This body scrub removes layers of dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling fresh while its active ingredients help to renew and rejuvenate for a supple, flawless finish.

The 12 plants extracts are :-

  • Grapefruit extract – promotes the healing of scar tissue
  • Skullcap root extract – antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
  • Almond fruit extract – excellent moisturiser, emollient-rich properties
  • Ginger root extract – brightens and tones skin
  • Rice bran extract – soothes and calms skin, and strengthens skin barrier
  • Black bean seed extract – rich in anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant compound
  • Houttuynia cordata extract – anti-allergy, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • Panax ginseng root extract – detoxifies and improves the skin’s immune system
  • Mung bean seed extract – rich in natural moisturising factors and isoflavones to deliver excellent moisturisation
  • Carrot root extract – rich in beta carotene, promotes regeneration
  • Portulaca extract – excellent source of vitamins A, C and E and essential amino acids
  • Acacia extract – supplies plant-derived collagen to rebuild

Method Of Use

Bioglo, red ginseng, body scrub method

Apply onto areas of skin you want to exfoliate and lightly scrub in circular motions.  Wash off.

My Opinions

  • I received Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub as a gift and at first, I was a bit skeptical about using this on my skin.  I was worried that it may irritate my skin.
  • The first thing I noticed when I used this was the smell – it’s divine!
  • The texture reminds me of wet sand at the beach.
  • After scrubbing the dry patches – elbows, knees and arms – and washing it off, I was pleasantly surprised to find smooth skin!  Yes, smooth and soft skin!!
  • I only use it to exfoliate my skin once a week.

Bioglo Red Ginseng Body Scrub is a fantastic body exfoliator and I highly recommend this with a 10/10 rating from The Best Beauty Blog.

Apparently, more than 7 million units were sold on a Korean TV shopping channel.  For more information on this product, please click here.

You can buy it in Cosway stores – Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, UK

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