I love bold red lipsticks because :-

1.  It makes me feel super-sexy.

2.  My teeth look extra white with blue-based red lippies.

3.  It can distract and hide a multitude of sins (I am referring to my eyebags btw!)

4.  I get more compliments from wearing red lipsticks than any other shades I own.

5.  I can match the colour of my lips to my clothes, handbag, nail polish and shoes (which I did last week!!) – and not care what people think because I am deluded into thinking that I am super-sexy!  (refer to point 1.)

“Look, it’s that crazy lady in red from head to toe again!”  LOL!

To see which Sisley red lipstick I am wearing in the photos, head to my lipstick beauty blog Lip Stalker.

Do you love red lipsticks?  Tell me why!