Happy Saturday ladies!  I’m going to stuff cotton wool balls into my ears to block out unwanted noises just to watch today’s Australian Open women’s final with a grunting Sharapova and a screaming Azarenka.  What will you be doing today?

Anyway, last week, I reviewed my first ever organic eyeshadow palette and today, I’m reviewing my first ever organic eye cream and it’s AUM Firming Eye Cream.

AUM products, organic skincare review

Product Description

A light cream with Aum’s signature Marine Complex helps brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Ocra and Argan extracts help smooth skin for a refreshed and youthful eye contour area.

My Thoughts

The skincare product I use the least is any kind of body moisturiser including hand cream – because I am lazy and it takes too much effort to rub in the cream.  And then it’s eye cream – not because I am lazy.  I try and take care of my face because generally, people see my face and not my naked body.  I want to look as young as possible.  But I tend to steer away from eye cream because they usually end up giving me milia (white sesame seed spots around eyes which are a HUGE pain to extract!)

With AUM Firming Eye Cream, I have been using it on and off for a couple of months.  It is light and more thick serum-ish than a cream.  I like that it’s in a dropper bottle instead of a jar – but because of its consistency, too much of the product can get dispensed at one time.  After application and when it dries, I noticed a ‘tight’ feeling around my eyes – it must be doing its thang by firming up the skin!  It didn’t reduce my eyebags and dark circles though.  After a while, a couple of milia formed on my right eyelid area so I stopped using it.  And then I went back on it…and then I stopped again.

If you’re into organic skincare and you’re looking for a light eye cream to target fine lines, do check out AUM Firming Eye Cream.  It’s affordable at under $30 too!