Survey Results : I Asked & You Answered

survey results revealed

First up, thanks to all you totally awesome peeps for taking your time to answer my survey.  I really needed your help in deciding which direction to take my blog, so without further ado, let’s take a look at your responses and how I will try and cater to your reading pleasure…

{WARNING : This was supposed to be a short and sweet update, but turns out it is a LOOOONG one so if you don’t quite fancy it, come back tomorrow for a new post.  However, there are going to be new changes coming to this blog so watch out for them!}


Reader Survey : Please Help Me!!!


Hi everyone!  Sorry for no new posts recently but I’ve been dealing with Miss Crankypants aka my baby girl all week as she is going through some 12 week growth spurt thingo!  Anyway, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  I have conducted my first every official Reader Survey because I need to know your input and feedback to determine the future of this blog.  Without you, my dear readers, this blog is nothing!!!  Please, please, please click through and tell me your honest feedback.  It’s just a short wee survey with 8 questions but it will help me figure out a few things I am planning to work on.  And I will blog about all the results in a few weeks.  Thank you kindly for your time!

UPDATE :  Thanks to all those who participated in this survey.  The results are here.