Things I Am Thankful For From My Pink Baby Shower

Pink Baby Shower Theme

A couple of weekends ago, I had my first baby shower (yes, I am having my second one this weekend with work friends and family members – how lucky am I?) which I shall refer to as my Pink Baby Shower because THERE WAS SO MUCH PINK!!!  Admittedly, leading up to the Pink Day, I was a bit angsty due to various reasons (blame my hormones!) but in retrospect, here are a list of things I am very thankful for from my Pink Baby Shower :-

1.  Sixteen girlfriends gave up a precious sunny Saturday afternoon to attend!  Very thankful!

In attendance were mostly my online girlfriends – a mish-mash of beauty bloggers, lifestyle bloggers and food bloggers – whom I see at beauty events / catch up for foodie meets / stalk chat to regularly online.  Aside from my online girlfriends, there were only 2 “real-life” girlfriends.  Minda who I met at Church Camp as a teenager (but who is now a food and lifestyle blogger herself) and J (a complete non-blogger) who I met at Church a few years ago.  I did invite a couple more “real-life” girlfriends but they were a no-show.

(Nowadays, it is quite common to form online friendships but my BIL found that highly amusing (I saw that smirk!) and he joins a number of people in my life who don’t understand socialising on social media – you know the ones who frown upon your social media activities , “You’re ALWAYS on Facebook blah blah” and “I don’t think you should say this or post that blah blah”.  To be honest, I don’t really give a rat’s arse what people think of me these days, but I wish people would let me be.  It’s not as if I tell them to stop going to the gym / watching TV / playing Candy Crush / baking / knitting / taking naps / whatever they like to do.  Anyway, I digress…)

Baby shower gifts for baby girl

2.  And these sixteen girlfriends were a very generous bunch and showered Bunty and I (yes, me too!) with plenty of gifts galore!  Very thankful!

Cute baby girl clothes, baby Converse shoes (adorbs!), elephant blankets, HANDMADE blanket, origami bouquet, sexy nursing Peter Alexander nightie, champagne, nappy cake, guestbook, etc.  Extremely spoilt to the max.

You know how I love to savour presents and NOT open them { read this post } – yeah, I was under a lot of pressure to open all the gifts and wish I had time to photograph them all as I want to thank people AGAIN later and get Bunty to pose with the gifts when she is born.  But the Husband put all the baby clothes and blankets in the wash and combine that with baby brain, I cannot remember who bought what.  Oops!

The Waiting Room at Crown High Tea

3.  The fantastic service from the lovely waitress at The Waiting Room at Crown.  Very thankful!

We had high tea at this swanky venue and fortunately for us, we had a private room where it made things easy for me to snake in and out to chat and take photos with everyone without disturbing other patrons.  It was slightly dim in there so my photos didn’t turn out too well, but I still had a blast.

As I am lactose intolerant and pregnant, I couldn’t eat a lot of things which were placed in front of me *sobs*.  I don’t think my dietary requirements were noted beforehand but after I told the waitress, she got the chef to work some magic and I got some fruits and dairy-free chocolate cake.  Yay!  I was naughty and ate a lovely warm scone later but didn’t feel well for the rest of the night (because it contained dairy).  Oh well, I do want to return one day and sample the dairy-free high tea.

The waitress ensured my cup of tea was topped up with freshly brewed Earl Grey and she didn’t mind packing up some leftover cakes for my Husband to sample later.

The Waiting Room on Urbanspoon

4.  The people who made the day happen.  Very thankful!

Ling – No, not me!  But someone else called Ling 😛  She e-invited guests and booked the venue.
Val – Great venue suggestion!
Tine – Fantastic guestbook from Kikki K.  (But I think she forgot that we actually first met when we both studied in Dundee and not because of beauty blogging LOL!)
Lianne – Brought along her Polaroid camera so I got some awesome Polaroid pics in the guestbook.
Norlin – Carried my heavy goodie bags from one end of Crown Casino to the other.  In heels!!
Minda – Stayed behind to help me pack up and recap the day.

Asian wedding

5.  Last but not least, the Husband.  Very thankful!

On the morning of the baby shower, we actually attended one of his friends wedding.  However, we had to leave early so I could get changed (from green to pink) and so he could drive me to the city for my baby shower, as he didn’t want me to take public transport!  What a sweetie!  And instead of going back to the wedding, he hovered around the city and waited for me to finish and picked me up.

Husband wrapping up baby shower gifts

Not only that…  But on the day before the baby shower, he had his final exams (he passed – YAY!) and after the exams, he went to buy all the things I needed for the goodie bag I gave to the girls.  And he wrapped them up too!  He is a good egg!

Ahhh…what a thankful day to remember!!!

2013 will be my year…

2013 will be my year

I can feel it in my bones – 2013 will be my year…AND YOURS TOO!

Happy 2013 to all of you beautiful peeps out there!  I want to thank all the lovely ladies* who took their time to send me lovely encouraging messages from blog comments to Tweets to Facebook messages to emails to SMS to Whatsapps in regards to my previous post.  They genuinely helped put a big smile on my face.

As for my progress, I am getting there…but it still hurts.  To be honest, I over-estimated my healing abilities because I thought I would be back to my regular beauty blogging self, but I won’t lie.  I am not ready yet.  Tomorrow marks the 3rd week since our loss.  I just feel like I can’t beauty blog and talk passionately about beauty products when my heart is elsewhere at the moment.

And yep, you guessed it, I still have the hairiest upper lip!!!  And I have been wearing the daggiest clothes sans makeup!!!

But I did paint my nails the other day (OPI Passion as seen in photo) so I’ll get there eventually!

I won’t apologise for extending my blog break because I need it to heal emotionally.  It’s amazing how much healing occurs when you spend time with loved ones and doing things you love.  My Mum has been cooking all my favourite foods including sweet and sour pork!!  Woohoo!  I am also going to get her to teach me to carve a carrot into a rose (see photo).

I’m going to Hong Kong next week and yay, I’ll get to see my Dad there.  Retail and food therapy, I’m comin’!!!!

Be back soon *pinky promise*

*Thank you all you lovely ladies who wrote me messages <3 <3 (I promise this list will be updated every time I get a new message, but if I forgot to pop down your name, please forgive me) :

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