Before you read on, please note that the word “jojoba” (a shrub) is pronounced ho-ho-ba.  Don’t ask me why it is spelt with a “j” but pronounced silently with “h” –  *shrugs shoulders*

I was delighted to be sent two products from The Jojoba Company to review – Pure Australian Golden Jojoba and Jojoba Absolute Serum.  The packaging is oozing sophistication and the person who designed these bottles really knows how to seduce my eyes.  (And one of the best things is that once you have finished up using the product, I am sure you can reuse the bottle and put in something else like handwash.)

Of course, we all know that appearances can be deceiving so it’s what inside the bottle that really counts, but before I share my humble opinions on these products, let me tell you a bit more about this brand.

The Jojoba Company

This is a new skincare range created from pure Australian jojoba and it is proud to be free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, harmful chermicals, mineral oil and artificial fragrances, etc.  For the animal lovers, you will be happy to know that these products are not tested on animals and they also do not use animal derivatives.

Pure Australian Golden Jojoba

I cannot recall using skincare products which contain jojoba so at first, I mistook Golden Jojoba as an oil – it looks and feels like an oil, but it turns out that it is a liquid wax.  It boasts of being nature’s natural wrinkle fighter, antibiotic, anti-imflammatory, hypo-allergenic and analgesic.  It also contains Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E.  It has multiple uses including daily moisturiser, make-up remover, massage oil and to ease skin rashes.  It sounds amazing on paper but did it perform well on my skin?

After a few weeks of trialling this, I can testify that Pure Australian Golden Jojoba has done wonders on my skin.  But before you go leaping out to purchase this, please take note that when I used this, my skin was suffering from the effects of bitter cold Winter days combined with ducted heating at night.  I had patches of skin on my body which were dry, scaly and sometimes itchy and applying Golden Jojoba soothed it.

I prefer to use Pure Australian Golden Jojoba on the dry patches of my skin on my body than on my face as a moisturiser.  It was a bit too rich and oily for my face even though it lapped it up.  I stopped using it on my face after a few days so I cannot tell whether it would clog up pores.

When the seasons change, I am not too sure if my skin will need such a highly moisturising product.  I’ll just have to get my Husband to give me a back massage using this as a luxurious massage oil.

One of the best things about this product is that it comes in 3 different sizes so you can buy the smallest bottle first to see whether it agrees with your skin before committing to a larger bottle.

RRP in AUD :  30ml for $18.95  |  85ml for $22.95  |  175ml for $29.95

Likes No added chemicals, nourishing, soothes dry and itchy skin, subtle nutty scent, multiple uses, 3 sizes to choose from
Dislikes Only available in Australia and New Zealand at current moment in time
The Best Beauty Blog Rating 9 out of 10 for Pure Australia Golden Jojoba


Jojoba Absolute Serum

Although I found Pure Australia Golden Jojoba unsuitable for my face, the Jojoba Absolute Serum worked a treat.  After cleansing at night (I skip toner most of the time), I would apply this serum and it is so potent that only a tiny squirt is required to cover my face and neck.  Work fast because within 60 seconds of application, Jojoba Absolute Serum is absorbed and leaves no traces except the pleasant nutty scent behind.

85% of ladies who tested this said that they noticed a visible reduction of lines and wrinkles after 4 weeks.  I haven’t noticed any change in my fine lines but then that’s good enough in my books – I’d rather they stay the same rather than get worse.  This serum worked well under my evening moisturiser to smooth and hydrate my skin which has been suffering from the environmental conditions of Winter and ducted heating.

The key active ingredients in Jojoba Absolute Serum are Pure Australian jojoba (anti-inflammatory), hyaluronic acid (plumps), carnosine (di-peptide which prevents stiffening of collagen), lillpilly (high in vitamin C), Kakadu plum (vitamin C) and silymarin (effective radical scavenger).

RRP in AUD :  30ml for $79.95

Likes Smooths and refines skin, fantastic absorption skills, only need a tiny amount
Dislikes Only available in Australia and New Zealand at current moment in time
The Best Beauty Blog Rating 9.5 out of 10 for Jojoba Absolute Serum


I am definitely keen to try out more products in The Jojoba Company.  For more information, please visit