My Most Expensive Topshop Purchase Which I’ve Only Worn Twice!

Topshop has finally arrived in Australian shores!  Melbourne is buzzing today with the new store opening in the Jam Factory on Chapel Street.  I was out in the city this morning and I was really tempted to go and check it out as Topshop is one of my favourite high street shops in UK.  Since I am from Scotland, I’ve worn Topshop since I was a teenager.  Anyway, I didn’t end up going to see the new Melbourne store but will pay it a visit later.  Instead, I am rushed home to dig out my most expensive Topshop purchase which is a Lulu & Red skirt.

I bought this Lulu & Red skirt back in January 2005 in the Topshop on London’s Oxford Street.  I remember it was a pricey item back then…possibly close to £100…??  I loved it for its uniqueness.  It is made of suit material with a pictorial at the front and has gorgeous draping at the back with a purple ribbon and it’s got an under-layer of a shiny lilac material….  OKAY OKAY!  I am rubbish at describing garments!!!

I tried googling more about Lulu & Red but I couldn’t find much info…so maybe they are no longer a label…??  I don’t know…but in the words of Heidi Klum from Project Runway :

“In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day, you’re out!”

I’ve worn it twice!  Yes, twice!  I am totally not getting my money’s worth!  I am a master of buying things I don’t use!  I know it’s a skirt but it’s kinda too long for me so I wore it as a dress to my Farewell Party when I was leaving Scotland for Australia 2 years ago.  I found some piccies on Facebook so have a look.  I was much skinnier in those days – le sigh!

Quite a few of my friends turned up for my Farewell Party – maybe it’s a hint that they were glad to see the back of me?!!  My sister also made me an awesome toothy cake because I’m a dentist.

I was planning to wear it again this year.  I packed it and took it all the way to Sydney for ABBW as my back-up dress for the Gala Night but ended up choosing something simple to wear because I had a bout of food poisoning as rushing to the toilet wearing this somewhat fiddly dress would not have been ideal!!

And here’s some full-length pictures of me…and my 3 sisters!  Have I told you I have 3 sisters and 3 brothers?  My parents were at it like rabbits!  Hehe!!

Anyone out there who buys expensive items of clothing but has only worn it once or twice?  Are you also a fan of Topshop?  And have you checked out Melbourne’s Topshop – what is it like?  And what do you think of my skirt/dress?

Red Beret

Did you know that the red beret is a military red beret worn by many military police, paramilitary, commando and police forces around the world?  Yeah, me neither!  I actually “borrowed” (read : stole) this red beret – made of oh-so-soft mohair – from my Mum, who bought it from TopShop.  Yeah, my Mum is pretty cool because she shops in TopShop!

I teamed up the red beret with a stripy top and instantly, I felt French.  Je suis chic!  With the Melbourne Winter round the corner, I am loving this hat for keeping my big head warm.

red beret
For shopaholic heaven, please check out TopShop’s website.