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10 Tips for Travelling in Hong Kong with Babies & Young Children

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After sharing my Hong Kong shopping haul a couple weeks ago, a lovely reader – Hi Grace! – asked if I could share some tips as she would be going to Hong Kong in September.  Although I am not from Hong Kong (my parents are but I’m a true Scottish lassie!), I have holidayed there plenty of times – as a young child, grumpy teenager and as an adult.  In fact, I have been to HK for the last 8 years in a row – the lure of the cheapo shopping and yummy food haha!

Anyway, this year’s trip to HK was different as we had a baby (who was a mere 3 months old then!)…AND we survived…AND rebooked our flights to spend another week in HK so it must have been good!

Here are 10 tips for travelling in Hong Kong with babies and young children :-


For The Love Of Fried Rice…

road trip from Canberra to Sydney

Earlier this year, the Husband and I went on a wee road trip from Melbourne to Canberra.  After spending one night there, we decided to hit the road again and head to our favourite foodie city, Sydney, to pig out!  Yes, I know we live in Melbourne and some say that we have better food here…  But bizarrely, we prefer the food in Sydney… possibly because it reminds us of our dating days (in case you didn’t know, we met during my six month stint in Sydney).  Anyway, we already knew where we were going to eat dinner that night – Chefs Gallery – simply because the last time we were in Sydney (last year October I think…?), we fell in love with the fried rice!!  More on those glorious grains of rice later…

chefs gallery sydney

By the time we got to Sydney, it was peak time for dinner.  We were hungry and so were all the Sydney-siders as the queue to get seated at Chefs Gallery was long.  Luckily, we got seated within 10 minutes as there were only 2 of us and we didn’t need to sit round a table and were happy to sit in front of the glass screen to see into the kitchen.

lychee and mint juice at chefs gallery in sydney

Deciding what delicious food to order is thirsty work so we ordered our favourite drink (one each, no sharing) – Lychee and Mint Juice $5.90.  Ahhh, it was SOOO refreshing because it is almost like a virgin lychee mojito thick slushie which is not too sweet and just perfect… I so want one right now!!!!

chefs gallery sydney

After we ordered our food, I took the pleasure of taking photos of the Husband staring at the chefs in the kitchen.  Oooh, I hope he picked up some cooking tips 😉

Macanese Style Mini Burger filled with Pork Fillet, Lettuce, Pork Floss and Mayo at Chefs Gallery Sydney

The first dish that we got served was Macanese Style Mini Burger filled with Pork Fillet, Lettuce, Pork Floss and Mayo $13.90.  My Husband loves all things pork floss so he chose these cute wee burgers.  The burger buns were deep fried making them extra calorific and oh-so-good!

Shredded Peking Duck with Cucumber and Hoisin Sauce rolled inside a Fluffy Chinese Roti at Chefs Gallery Sydney

Next up, the dish I chose came along – Shredded Peking Duck with Cucumber and Hoisin Sauce rolled inside a Fluffy Chinese Roti $15.90.  They were yummy but not as good as old fashioned Peking Duck with the more delicate pancakes.

chefs gallery sydney cooking fried rice

We both stopped eating when we realised that one of the chefs was cooking our fried rice.  We knew it HAD to be ours because we saw him put in 3 eggs.  We were totally mesmerised!  You can tell that it’s gonna be awesome fried rice when there’s fiery stuff happening in the wok – so much “wok hei” = wok breath.


And there you go – Wok Fried Medium Grain Rice with 3 Kinds of Eggs – Chicken, Salted Duck Egg and Century Egg $14.90.  Cooked to perfection.  We enjoyed every grain of rice which were coated with eggs – smooth fluffly omelette egg pieces, a bit of saltiness and graininess from the duck egg and some briny flavours from the century egg.  TOTALLY YUM!  If you know anywhere in Melbourne which do a similar fried rice, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

We were SO HAPPY to eat there, but kinda sad because there’s so many other things we want to try at Chefs Gallery including the noodles… if only we had more room in our tummies…but we had more places to go and eat after Chefs Gallery so we had to save space 🙂

The total bill was $56.50 which is expensive for us since we usually try and keep it to $15 per head when we eat out.  And yes, I know it was way more expensive considering the amount of petrol it took for us to drive from Canberra to Sydney…  But boy, it was worth it!

Now with our bubs coming along in 11 weeks or so… I wonder when we will get a chance to visit Sydney for more foodie adventures…  Oh well, at least I have plenty of food porn pics to keep the memories alive!  Will share with you more Sydney foodie adventures at another date.  Gosh, I feel like a food blogger, yo! 😛

Chefs Gallery on Urbanspoon

30 Things That Happened During My Beauty Blog Break

Hello Friday!  Hello February 2013!  And hello to all my lovely readers – if you are still there 😛  As you all know, I went on an extended beauty blog break due to health issues and I just want to let you all know that I am definitely in a better place than I was a few weeks ago.  Some days are harder than others but I am trying not to dwell on the past.  Thanks for showering me with all the lovely messages – I know who my real readers / blog friends / online friends are – see the list of names in my previous post.  Anyway, do you want to know what I got up to during my beauty blog break?  Yes, I went to Hong Kong but I did a lot of other things too!  If you don’t want to know, click away 😛 but if you do, here are 30 things that happened during my beauty blog break :-

virgin atlantic, virgin atlantic airways, virgin aeroplane

On the way to Hong Kong with my Mum and Sister

01.  My Sister and I went nuts at the beauty counters at the Duty Free bit in Sydney airport.

02.  Basically, we slathered on every expensive lotion and potion we could find!  The Sales Assistants at Duty Free are so not-in-your-face and we could browse freely at La Mer, Chanel, La Prairie, etc.

03.  I bought 2 YSL coral cream blushes – one for me, one for my Sis.

04.  We vowed  never to fly Virgin Atlantic again.

05.  The Virgin Atlantic flight attendants for our SYD-HK flight were DAMN RUDE and one of them rolled her eyes at my Sis when she asked for another packet of pretzels.

06.  The second packets of pretzels were for me because I was DAMN HUNGRY and there were only 5 mini pretzels in the packet anyway!

07.  I had sticky feet during the flight because another flight attendant dropped a glass of sticky shizz all over my fake Croc thongs (yes, I travel in style huh?)

08.  I can handle bitchy flight attendants but I cannot handle sitting in a 9 hour flight with a TV screen which was situated not in front of me…but diagonal to me!!!  WTF?  We were a row of 3 sitting behind a row of 4, hence awkward TV screen placement!

09.  And to top it off, the kid sitting behind me repeatedly kicked my seat and slammed his food tray back and forth.  I swear it was worse than turbulence itself!

10.  I gave the kid’s father the evil eye but he ignored me just like he ignored his kid.  I should have grown some balls and said something.    Alas, no balls grew.  Anyone got a Guide To Growing Balls to lend me?