I am now back in Melbourne where it SHOULD be sunny…but alas, it is raining!  Anyway, in my recent trip back to UK, it was absolutely freezing.  I had no desire to wash my hair daily as it was too cold to be hanging around with wet hair. As you can imagine, I was looking like a bit of a mess…
hobo, greasy hair, instant refresh, dry shampoo, Tresemme
My sister shoved this marvellous hair product in my face – Tresemme :  Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo
Tresemme, hair product, instant refresh, dry shampoo, wonder spray
Product Description

Dry shampoo for normal to oily hair which removes oil and boosts body

I had never used dry shampoo before but it’s actually really easy.
Tresemme, instant refresh, dry shampoo, before shot

1.  Just spray liberally all over and concentrate on roots if they are greasy.

2.  Wait a few minutes and enjoy the smell.

3.  Then brush hair.  And voila!  Fresh smelling hair which looks clean.
Tresemme, instant refresh, dry shampoo, no-more-greasy-hair, after shot

My Opinions

  • Smells great
  • Saves you the pain of washing hair if you can’t be assed
  • But must make sure you brush it well otherwise it looks like you have specks of dandruff all over

In conclusion :  Tresemme Instant Dry Shampoo to the rescue!