Unico Hair
205-207 Little Collins Street
(03) 9650 2160 

Seeing as I am uninspired today and everything feels like dog poo, I thought I’d go off and rant about my hair.  A few weeks ago, I got my hair cut and coloured as part of a deal coupon thingy I bought a while ago.  Two visits of cut and colour for $39 sounds like a bargain…  Yes, it is a bargain but I was charged another $50!  WTF?  Okay, so it’s a long story…so it’s entirely up to you if you want to keep reading…but this is my hair rant!!!

First of all, my Twitter friends voted that I get my hair coloured red…so I went into the Unico Hair Salon and said, “I want to go red!”  The hair colourist said that because my hair is so dark, it won’t go red.  She then convinced me to have the ends coloured red as it was going to be more intense that way – almost like ombré or gradient but not exactly…if that makes sense.  I was fine with that.

But then she said that I HAD to colour the rest of my hair black.  I didn’t want to as I had just slightly lightened my hair by doing it myself a few weeks ago.  Besides, my hair is not black black, but darkest brown black.  She said that I would look stupid if I didn’t dye it black.  So she made me feel really stupid and put me in a corner with no way out.

But when she went to get the hair dye, I yelled out and said, “Look, can you just dye all of my hair red?  I’m fine with that…”  She said, “No, it won’t show up.”  And then she uttered those fatal words,  “Trust me, I’m a hair professional…

Trust MY ASS!!!!!

There has not been one day where I think my hair looks nice after this disaster visit.  First of all, the black is too black and I feel that it drains me.  It’s like one block of colour.  Secondly, the red isn’t even red!!  These photos were taken on the same day I had my hair done!  When we discussed the more intense red, she pointed to a Rhianna red…instead I ended up with burgundy red.

Look at these photos of me from a few years ago with red highlights.  I did these MYSELF and I achieved redder results.  (Yes, I rocked red hair but my make-up is atrocious in these photos!  LOL!)

Guurrrrrr!  I was not happy because I forked out extra dosh – 50 buckaroos – for something that I could have done better myself!  And she didn’t even listen to MY requests.

I have received a couple of compliments but it’s just not the same if I don’t like it myself.  I’m going back for my second visit in a few weeks time and hopefully, I can lighten the black gothy hair.  It’s Spring / Summer in Australia and I want to have sunkissed highlights and not block black hair.

The guy who cut my hair was nice enough.  It’s just the hair colourist who was also the manager of this salon – who I will not name and shame publicly.  Anyway, hair rant over.  Normal pleasant blog posting will resume tomorrow…if I can be inspired!!!

UPDATE :  I returned a few weeks later for my 2nd cut & colour and the manager was nowhere to be seen!  YES!  This time I put my foot down and said that I did NOT want to pay another $50 and they were happy to oblige.  It appears that there is a big staff turnover rate in Unico Hair.  Not a good sign.

Has a hair professional ever done you wrong?  Share your hair rant with me.