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What I Bought From Urban Decay At Mecca Maxima On Launch Day!

Urban Decay in Australia at Mecca Maxima

This is not an ordinary Friday!  It is, of course, Urban Decay launch day!  Exclusively at Mecca Maxima.

I am a diehard UD fan but I wasn’t obsessed enough to line up at 5am.

But I had some free time in the morning before work today so I popped into my local Mecca Maxima – which is in Doncaster Westfield Shoppingtown – around 11am and found it pretty quiet so I spent aaaaages browsing, swatching and contemplating what to spend my monies on…


Urban Decay Prices Australia Vs USA

Naked 2, Dangerous, Ammo, Sustainable Shadow, Urban Decay

Remember I told you that Urban Decay is coming to Australia online and in shop at Mecca Maxima?  Well, we’re only days away from being able to get our mitts on some UD goodies.

But what about the prices?  Will they be comparable to US prices or will they be sky high?

I did some investigating to compare Urban Decay product prices in Australia at Mecca (where shipping is free with orders over $75), USA and online via Beauty Bay (which does free shipping in Australia for orders over $20) and here is what I found…

Urban Decay Is Launching In Australia!

urban decay australia, urban decay mecca, urban decay mecca maxima

You know I don’t generally post about beauty press releases on the blog, but this one’s too good to not share immediately!

Urban Decay is launching in Australia!!!



Urban Decay Palette Porn Including Naked2

Naked 2, Dangerous, Ammo, Sustainable Shadow, Urban Decay

What a kinky title!!  Anyway, I have great news for my readers who can’t readily buy Urban Decay in the shops because Urban Decay Naked2 Palette is currently in stock at http://www.beautybay.com with free worldwide shipping for a limited time only.  It only costs $55 AUD!  Bargainous!  I bought mine from US for $50 not including delivery.  (Special thanks to Ashlynn for this custom purchase)

Practically every beauty blogger under the sun has reviewed and swatched Urban Decay Naked2 Palette so instead of doing that, I decided to compare it to the other Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes in my collection and show you 3 looks I did with Naked2.

Urban Decay Palette Porn : Naked2 vs Ammo vs Sustainable Shadow vs Dangerous

Naked2’s tin box is much superior, in terms of sturdiness, to the cardboard from Ammo and Dangerous.  Sustainable Shadow is made from a wooden box which slides open – but Naked2 wins because of the mirror inside the lid which is very handy indeed.

I am usually a big fan of colour but recently, I have tamed down my make-up and preferred a neutral eye.  The shades in Naked2 are suitable for everyday wear and for all occasions.

I still love pops of colour but what makes Naked2 work so well, is that the eyeshadows in the collection complement each other.  With the other palettes, I have to use one shade here, one shade there to complete my look.

The Extras
Naked2’s dual-ended brush is great.  Much better than the purple brush from the Sustainable Shadow Box and the spoolie applicator from Ammo.

I totally ignored the Naked2’s Lip Junkie and would have MUCH preferred mini Primer Potions as per Dangerous and Sustainable Shadow or even a 24/7 Eyeliner as per the latter palette.  Mine have all ran out *sad face*.

For more detailed reviews and swatches : Ammo | Sustainable Shadow | Dangerous

Urban Decay Naked2 Swatches

Urban Decay Naked 2, swatches
From L-R : Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout

Without eyeshadow primer, the colours are more sheer and not highly pigmented.  But they are smooth and easy to blend.

Urban Decay Naked2 Make-Up Looks

Urban Decay Naked2 FOTD's, neutral eye

Not much difference between the days…but that’s because I have Asian eyelids which swallow up eyeshadow.  GAH!

Day 1 : Foxy + Half Baked + Blackout
Day 2 : Foxy + Suspect + Half Baked + YDK + Busted
Day 3 : Bootycall + Suspect + Pistol + Verve + Blackout

In Conclusion

Review of Urban Decay Palettes

After inspecting my palettes, I realised that I use the Ammo Palette the most.  For some reason, the eyeshadows here are more pigmented and smoother in texture than all the others.  No idea why.

However, I am currently going through a minimal make-up phase so Urban Decay Naked2’s subtle and neutral shades work really well for me.  The shades are quite sheer but can work up to a stronger bolder look.  The only thing I would change is the Lip Junkie lip gloss.

Buy your Urban Decay palettes at http://www.beautybay.com today.  With the free shipping, I have been tempted…

So are you an Urban Decay fan?  Which palettes do you have?

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