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Monthly Subscription Boxes : Violet Box, Her Fashion Box & Wantable

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In the latter half of 2011, beauty boxes had just arrived in Australia and I subscribed to a couple for a few months for beauty blogging purposes but I wasn’t overly impressed and felt my money was better spent elsewhere (I am a hard one to please).

Then in 2012, I received a few beauty boxes for review and I was probably more impressed with the packaging and the cardboard boxes itself than the actual contents *oops* – but I did feel it was an improvement to 2011.

Enter 2013 and now there are monthly surprise subscription boxes for EVERYTHING – food, drink, underwear, sex toys…!!  But don’t worry, for the interests of this blog, I am referring to fashion and /or beauty boxes…

Recently, I received a few monthly boxes from different companies and I’ve decided to gather all my thoughts and package it all into one blog post 🙂


Fab Five Friday #3 – Rimmel London, Violet Box, Elegant Touch, Avon & Glasshouse Fragrances

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Friday (albeit Friday the 13th!) has finally landed and you should see my big Cheshire cat smile 😀  Tomorrow is the first Saturday in 4 weeks that I have not been rostered on to work so I can have a normal weekend off like everyone else – YAY!!  Work talk aside, here’s to a brand new Fab Five Friday post featuring Rimmel London, Violet Box, Elegant Touch, Avon and Glasshouse Fragrances…


Violet Box Review : Another Beauty Box Subscription in Australia

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June 2013 was a HUGE month for me…  I was still suffering from all-day sickness but working full-time and trying to conceal my pregnancy at work.  I was nervously counting the days till the CVS testing I had to undergo to confirm the viability of the pregnancy.  I was crying with emotion when I saw our bubba leap up and down on the ultrasound at week 12…moments before the CVS needle injected into my placenta to extract fluids for the DNA testing.  I was stressed off my nut waiting for the results, but also worried that the CVS could have harmed bubba (1 in 100 chance of miscarriage – DOUBLE the risk of amniocentesis).  I was crying with joy and then vomiting from crying in the staff toilet because I received the fantastic news from our genetic counsellor at work…and then I had to go back to work and act all normal and cool when I was screaming with joy inside.

In amongst the crazy month of June, I received a surprise care package in the form of the LAUNCH BOX of the FIRST EVER Violet Box, the newest beauty box subscription in Australia…and I must say it was a fantastic temporary distraction from all the stress I was undergoing…  I know I’m a month late, but let’s have a look inside to see the contents of the first Violet Box (but if you’ve already seen it on other beauty blogs, just pretend you don’t know and play along…)