Welcome to this week’s TGIF (Teeth, Gums – It’s Friday) series.  Perhaps the last 2 weeks of oral hygiene instruction and flossing were too full-on so I thought I’d make it an easy breezy post today and talk about celebrities and their smile makeovers.  I guess it’s the norm these days to want bright white teeth which are perfectly straight – the “Hollywood smile”.  But did you know that teeth are a naturally creamy off-white colour?  It’s definitely not how hard you brush your teeth to get them white or how much milk you drink…??!!!  Anyway, I will talk about teeth whitening at a later date.  Let’s check out Catherine and Hilary and their teeth…

Catherine Zeta Jones

CZJ had spacing, but the shape of her original teeth were not bad.  She could have got away with fixed braces instead of going down the veneers route.  But her new teeth are very flattering for her.  Personally, I think CZJ is stunning and oozes femininity.

Hilary Duff

 It’s a shame!!!  All Hilary needed was some teeth whitening to brighten up her smile but it looks like she got veneers too as they are longer in length.

What I Personally Think About Veneers

Don’t do it unless it’s the ONLY option left.  Most veneers involve shaving down the tooth and in this process, it can damage your tooth and cause it to die.  Also, veneers are like false nails – they can basically flick off if you bite into an apple!

Back in the days when I worked in a cosmetic dental practice, I used to discourage my patients to get veneers and consider other options like fixed braces.  It takes longer to complete treatment, but in the end, they were grateful because they preserved the natural state of their own teeth and also, they liked my honesty.  Of course, I would have earned more money doing the smile makeovers instead of sending them to the orthodontist, but you know – life isn’t all about money.  Damn…probably could have bought myself a Chanel 2.55…ack well!

Over to you – Do you have veneers?  And what do you think of CZJ and Hilary’s smile makeovers?  What are your main concerns with your teeth?

(Note : images taken from Google)

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  1. Ooh I have to ask you about this Ling, I have a chipped front tooth that the dentist just put a filling type thing on it but when I was on holidays it chipped again so I had it repaired again – would I be better off to get veneers to keep that tooth looking perfect? I don’t like the idea of them sliding off like false nails though, and Hilary Duff’s teeth look so big now! They were much cuter before. would love your opinion 🙂

    • @Megan, Hi Megan, it really depends on the size of the chip. If it is a big chip, then it may be a good reason for it. But if the chip is small, then I would stick with the filling to be honest – it’s not really worth it!

  2. I agree with you on Hilary Duff, she looks sorta horsey with her veneers, she only needed whitening…what a shame!
    CZJ looks better with her new teeth though.

  3. And that’s why the blogging world calls Hilary a horse. I hate seeing young people get veneers. What’s wrong with Invisalign and keep your own teeth? I can bear to see photos of sawn down teeth. It creeps me out!

    • @Yolanda, I know, right??!!! Sighs! I mean, some people really don’t care and think just because Hollywood stars get veneers, they should get them too! BIZARRE!

  4. HEy ling! I agree CZJ is just stunning and her teeth are amazing!

    I’ve been looking at possibly getting my teeth fixed.
    It never really bothered me before but i have a tooth on the front of my teeth that’s pushing the other out of place. I thought it was fine but over the years I’ve noticed its gotten worse even my lower mouth is starting to change.
    Truth is i don’t have the money to get braces or invisalign but it drives me insane every-time i see it or feel it!
    If i just let it go will it be a huge problem in the future?

    • @Jen, Hi Jen, I can’t really say until I see your teeth myself…but if you have noticed it getting worse, then maybe it’s something you should check out with your dentist before it gets even worse. You’d rather do it now rather than later when more work is required…if that makes sense. You can maybe strike up a deal with your dentist and get discounted rates by saying you will blog about it 😀

  5. The process of getting veneers creeps me out. Like nails on a chalkboard kind of thing. I like CZJs teeth though. They look good on her. But yeah, braces or Invisalign could’ve done that too.

  6. i have yellowish teeth so i always dream about getting white teeth. my dentist, like you, is totally talking me out of veneers by telling me the process of getting it done, in a horrible way… but i can’t do whitening treatment because of sensitive teeth and bad gums. guess i’ll just live with yellowy teeth… at least they are mine!

    totally unrelated, i’m setting up teeth implant fund (at least i try to) so that when i’m older and when my teeth fall out i can get implants. thoughts of wearing denture scares me.

  7. Love seeing before and after pics! I wouldn’t do veneers unless it was my only options because of the reasons you stated. It always good to take the honest road (like you did) versus the monetary road!

    I have pretty yellow teeth because I drink coffee everyday! One day, I will have bright whites! *Zing*

    • @Samantha, I love seeing before & after of all types of cosmetic surgery including plastic stuff. I’m always too scared to do these irreversible procedures… And nope, once a caffeine addict, always a caffeine addict! I’m a tea-lover!

  8. I absolutely love veneers I went on a holiday and got them done and I swear your teeth will never look as good.I didnt have that bad of teeth to begin with but I wanted them whiter and squarer. They are perfect in look and give you more confidence to smile.

  9. I’d LOVE to get Veneers… can’t bleach my teeth anymore or they will go see-through 🙁 But like you said, it can make my teeth die. Oh the stress!

  10. I’m glad you wrote about this Ling, I’m often in envy of all this mega watt smile with straight and white teeth. It seems like the whole of America does veneers right? How else do they get such perfect teeth?

    Though I’m envious of their great smile, the thought of shaving down my tooth really scares me and I would very much prefer my own tooth, albeit weak and crooked. I was watching a street makeover show in America where everything happens in a day I think and getting veneers is actually considered a minor makeover! I wouldn’t wanna shave my tooth off in a one-day makeover program. I think I need years to consider but all these people they picked from the streets were so gained in getting it done that day.

    Haha I always tend to rattle on comments. Pardon me. Been so bz that I’ve missed out commenting on many blogs.

    • @Jo, Hi Jo, I LOVE your comments 😀 They are always so thoughtful and a joy to read. I am like you and I like to ramble on too. Rambling is good 😀

      But yeah, some people have no idea what they are getting into. I mean, of course, there are suitable candidates for veneers and cosmetic dental procedures – but people need to make a better informed choice and it’s not a quick decision to make! 😉

  11. I was considering veneers but my husband talked me out of it, instead I had invisalign about two years ago. My teeth look fantastic now. It only took about 10 months and was completely worth it.

  12. I hated it when Hilary had those massive teeth! I think they looked extra big too because she was so skinny at the time. They look normal now thank god lol I loved this post, it’s always interesting to see smile/teeth transformations!

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