Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Bioelixia body shaper stretch mark diminishing creme, la clinica belly rub oil

My lifelong dream* to be a Victoria’s Secret model is over!

I have droopy boobs with overstretched nipples and I have stretch marks plastered all over my belly and sides – fantastic reminders that I gave birth to a little rugrat over a year ago!

Anyway, there’s definitely no hope for those gravity-UN-defying boobs but I’ve been testing out a few products for stretch marks so read on for my verdict!

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

This sweet smelling oil beautifully sinks into skin and gives much needed moisture to dehydrated skin.  However, its stretch mark reducing properties are pretty limited (i.e. almost close to none).  But at under $20 per bottle, I ain’t complaining!


Bioelixia Body Shaper Stretch Mark Diminishing Creme

Contains retinol, a proven potent skincare ingredient, which with prolonged use will help diminish the appearance of stretch marks.  After finishing the tube, I felt that it helped fade my stretch marks ever-so-slightly…but I will need a TRUCKLOAD of more product and a skin miracle to get rid of all my stretch marks completely!


La Clinica Stretch Mark Belly Rub Oil

Helped soothe and calm my red and raging stretch marks immediately post-birth.  Got rid of the itch but didn’t get rid of the bitch!  That said, I would definitely repurchase this again if or when I decide to pop another sprog.

Available in selected salons only

Final Verdict

There is NO best product to get rid of stretch marks.

Sadly, once you have stretch marks, they’re more or less permanent and it doesn’t matter what magical lotions or potions you use.  They are basically moisturisers; not stretch mark removers.  Nevertheless, moisturised smooth skin looks much better than dry flaky skin.

Only time will help the stretch marks fade from red angry purple to white silvery stripes.

If you’re lucky enough, your droopy nipples might mask some of it! 😛

*I lied.  My true lifelong dream is to be a writer of an award-winning book.  I have yet to write one single word of said book, but hey, I can still dream!

Thanks to the respective brands for offering their products to help me banish my stretch marks.

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