dry skin, need moisturisation

I have a confession to make.  I am too lazy to moisturise.  Yes, I will buy expensive lotions and potions but sometimes, I don’t use them because I cannot be bothered to physically apply it!!  Yes, I am THAT lazy!  Look how dry and scaly my legs are!!!  They look and feel disgusting!!!

It’s not fair though.  Some people like my Hubby never moisturises and he has soft, supple skin!

Oh well, guess I’m a good guinea pig for body moisturisers to test out which ones are good!  Anyone wanna send me any samples???

5 comments on “Too Lazy To Moisturise”

  1. I used to have scaly skin like that. Just had to make it a point to slather on body lotion straight out of the shower. I place a few tubes in the medicine cabinet so that I have immediate access. Now it’s just routine, and I feel odd missing a step if I don’t put on body lotion 😛

    • @Tine, I have been following yr advice and have been slapping on the cream when I get straight out the shower. But I can only do that now because it is still warm when I get out…but then winter will come and I will just throw on my clothese lol

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