On Friday, I got my period so I was in the mood to treat myself so I did!

I was in the mood for a magazine, but my usual favourite celebrity gossip magazines did not appeal to me.  Instead, I went for madison magazine which had a freebie – a hardback notebook.  Natalie Portman is gorgeous!

With the colder temperatures in Melbourne, I knew that these cotton colourful stripy tights from Target would be ideal.  There was a 20% discount on hosiery so I only paid $8.

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I’ve been really impressed with my new favourite Aussie beauty brand, FACE OF AUSTRALIA so I bought their nail polish remover to test out and review later.

Nail glue is essential for me.  I have weak nails which split all the time.

CoverGirl celebrated their 50th year anniversary last week so Priceline are doing a special 50% off all CoverGirl items.  I couldn’t resist and bought an Outlast Lipstain – will swatch and review later.

I was actually keen to treat myself to a few more items :-

  • The newly launched Clinique Chubby Stick – but I was ignored at the Clinique counter in David Jones at Westfield Doncaster Shoppingtown.
  • Something MAC in the new MAC counter at Myer in Doncaster Shoppingtown – but I was totally blanked by the MAC assistants.  What’s new?
  • A gorgeous Coco Rouge Shine lipstick – but I couldn’t decide between Boy and Rebelle.

I was really disappointed with the customer service at both David Jones and Myer department stores – but, Heather, the assistant at Elizabeth Arden at David Jones was amazing.  I will blog about her later because I think she deserves to star in her own post.

Did you treat yourself to anything nice recently?

10 comments on “Treat Myself Mini Haul”

  1. Ahh, let me know how you find the FOA nail polish remover, I go through mine like water and still haven’t found one I really love 🙁 (and the ones I love are like $30 a bottle!)

    I find it very difficult to get good treatment at most makeup counters tbh. Two things usually happen, they stalk me like I’m about to steal something (making me SUPER uncomfortable) or they completely ignore me and act extremely annoyed at me for even asking for help. As if they are doing me the massive favour. Yeah, and that is why I shop online 😛 Service sucks.

    • @Celina, $30??!! Which brand is that? Used FOA one this morning but need a few more uses before I decide whether I like it or not.

      And I totally know how you feel about the super-stalking counter assistants who think that we will steal something!!!!! It is super annoying!!! I have started shopping online – but only because products seem to be much cheaper online than in Australia shops itself!! But I dont really trust Aussie post! Hmmm….

  2. I have tried only one lip stain and it’s Outlast Lipstain, and I absolutely hated it. I have dry lips so obviously it was stupid of me to think it would look great, but honestly, I don’t really like the effect on anyone x=

  3. I don’t find the FOA polish remover, considering it’s at a reasonable price and does it’s job 🙂

    I really want to buy myself a gift and get the new Clinique Chubby Sticks, they look great! Tried one a few days ago and I was in love.

    Last week I went into my local Priceline and decided to take advantage of their most recent catalogue and treat myself! I think every one needs to lash out and buy themselves something nice 🙂

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