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Whether you’re an avid skincare lover who loves to splurge on expensive lotions and potions or a budget beauty gal who buys drugstore skincare products, you NEED to exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin and to allow potent ingredients to penetrate deeper and work their magic.  There are many ways to exfoliate effectively and today I’m going to review a trio of facial cleansing brushes – Clarisonic Mia, Skin Physics Derma Sonic and Philips VisaPure (psst – you can win one of these in my giveaway at the end of this post!)

Review of Clarisonic Mia

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Description :  Clarisonic Mia is the smallest sonic brush in the popular Clarisonic family which has only one speed and takes 60 seconds to use on the entire face.  Comes with one sensitive brush head and a sample size Gentle Hydro Cleanser (30ml).  It is apparently, “is gentle enough to use twice a day – even on skin affected by complicated conditions like rosacea or acne”.  Oscillates at more than 300 movements per second to gently massage away impurities trapped within pores.

RRP : $139 AUD  (replacement brush heads are from $29)

What I Like About Clarisonic Mia :  Pink, Easy to charge, Great quickie at 60 seconds

What I Dislike About Clarisonic Mia :  Only one speed

Overall :  With the Clarisonic Mia, I actually took it to Hong Kong with me at the beginning of this year and it transformed my dry, sluggish skin (from flying) into soft, glowy skin.  {watch my video review}  Although it features a sensitive brush head, I wouldn’t use this daily…let alone twice a day…as I personally feel that would be “death by over-exfoliation” – yes, I’m such a drama queen!

Review of Skin Physics Derma Sonic

skin physics derma sonic, skin physics australia, skin physics cleansing brushes

Description :  The Skin Physics Derma Sonic Power Cleansing Brush is not just for the face but for the body as well!  It uses sonic frequency to clean, soften and smooth skin in 60 seconds.  There are 4 speeds to choose from – pro, high, normal and low – and this is indicated by red lights.  It comes with 3 brush heads – Regular Facial, Sensitive Facial and Body.

RRP : $149 AUD  (Replacement brush heads are only $20 for all three!)

What I Like About Skin Physics Derma Sonic :  Great value for money, Body skin exfoliator, Can be modified to suit your needs

What I Dislike About Skin Physics Derma Sonic :  Too many speed settings which gets confusing and I always have to refer to the instruction manual

Overall :  The Skin Physics Derma Sonic was a lifesaver during the cold Winter months in Melbourne where I suffered from dry skin from top to bottom – it was a great shower companion to slough away all the dead skin.  I love how it is so versatile and has multiple settings to suit my needs during different seasons of the year…but it just gets a bit confusing after a while as I can never remember if I want one red light or two red lights or no red lights.

Review of Philips VisaPure (the peach one)

philips visapure australia, philips visapure facial cleansing brush

Description :  Unlike the other 2 sonic facial cleansing brushes above, the Philips VisaPure cleanses skin with vibrations and rotations (i.e. the brush spins).  There are 2 speeds to choose from – gentle and deep cleansing – and comes with 2 brush heads – Normal and Sensitive.  (I know there is a blue version of this and the main difference is that it only has one speed setting which is deep cleansing)

RRP : $199 AUD

What I Like About Philips VisaPure :  Light weight, Slimmer ergonomic (*cough* phallic :P) design, Small brush which can get to the nitty gritty areas around my nose

What I Dislike About Philips VisaPure :  Nuisance to charge (take cap off brush and must seat it in properly and spin it around till it fits *rolls eyes*), Expensive, Not sure of cost of replacement brush heads

Overall :  The Philips VisaPure is a newbie to the facial cleansing brush market so I am surprised that it retails at a considerably higher cost than the other popular ones in the market.  Nevertheless, the slim design and lighter weight is a big plus point especially for ladies who travel a lot.  I must say that I do like the rotating brush because it “feels” like I am getting a deeper cleanse…and because it tickles and makes me giggle (yes, I need to get out more!)

philips visapure australia, philips visapure facial cleansing brush

Anyway, the good people at Philips have offered a lucky Australian blog reader to win one of these beauties to try for themselves.  Just fill out the form with your details so that I won’t have to chase you up for postal details if you win.  Giveaway closes on 19th November  2013 11.59pm AEST and is only open to those who have Australian addresses for the prize to be sent to.  Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on this post no later than 30th November.  T&C’s are subject to change at any time.  This will make an awesome Christmas present!  Good luck ladies!


Disclosure : Skin Physics and Philips cleansing brushes were provided by PR for review purposes.

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  1. Good review of of Clarisonic Mia. I am planning to get one! But I am still wondering that if I have sensitive skin, like oily and often have break outs and heard people say that it makes the break outs even worse if you exfoliate your skin. So is it good idea to get it if I always have break outs/ white heads/black heads ?

  2. Really great review, I own the Mia 2 in pink and I purchased the body brush and it works great with the Mia 2 and is has improved the areas of my skin I use it on. So yes you can buy the body brush and use it with any Clairsonic cleansing device.

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