A while ago, the good people at Trilogy sent me their new eye product for review – Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate – which promises “brighter and younger looking eyes”.  And we all know that I love any product that promises to rewind time.  I put this baby to the test with daily usage for over a month and I have finally written my review…

What Trilogy Say

A small but mighty eye serum to keep on hand at all times. Packed with a powerful cocktail of botanicals including Co-enzyme Q10 to help revitalise and protect against ageing. Extracts of Green Coffee and Ecocert Jojoba esters tone and tighten so you’ll enjoy diminished dark circles and reduced puffiness. Combine this with the gentle massaging action of the roll-on applicator; you’ve everything you need to bring out your best, freshest looking eyes.

My Opinions

The Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate is a serum which is a welcome change to my eye care collection, which consists mostly of creams and more creams – which can be too rich and cause milia (nasty whiteheads).  The serum has a yellow tinge and requires a bit of blending in with fingertips after application.  For lazy people like me, the roll-on applicator is a bonus but I have noticed that sometimes, the product needs a good shake before it will emerge from the roll-on applicator.

Initially, I used it once every couple of days, but then it was so light that I started using it daily and so far, I can report that there haven’t been any milia production.  Woop woop!  However, dark circles and puffy eyes are still prominent on me.  I haven’t noticed a drastic change in those departments.  Sigh!  I have a feeling that the problem lies with the insomniac me and not the product itself.

At a RRP of $36.95 for 7.5ml, it’s not exactly cheap but then again, this baby will last you a long time.  I’ve been using it for weeks on end and it still looks like I’ve barely done any damage!

What I Like :  Serum is light for milia-prone people like me, roll-on applicator which massages undereyes and can have a lovely cooling effect when used in the morning

What I Dislike :  Sometimes product won’t emerge without a good shake, no drastic improvements to dark circles or puffy eyes

Overall Rating :  Although it didn’t dramatically reduce puffiness and dark circles under my eyes, I actually really like Trilogy Age Proof CoQ10 Eye Recovery Concentrate. I like the roll-on applicator for its massaging effects and every time I use it, I think I am using roll-on deodorant on my eyes and it makes me giggle.  Yes, little things like that amuse me!

Trilogy products can be purchased in Myer and Priceline in Australia and they are available worldwide.  For more information on their products, please visit the Trilogy website.

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  1. LOL! yeah i got one from biotherm at one point + i was thinking ‘is this seriously for my eyes?’ haha but it works okay i guess? great review hun 😀 looking forward to more of your beauty adventures 😀

  2. Does the roll applicator work as a kind of “lymphatic drainage” stimulator as well? Because if it does I need it like now!

    Great review!!

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