Hello Hairhouse Warehouse Platinum Blitz Box!!

I’m not entirely sure if the Hairhouse Warehouse Blitz Box is an annual occurrence (I think it is though), but I bought a Blitz Box last year, with full intentions to blog about it but it never transpired because a lot of the beauty blogs I followed blogged about it…but not to worry because, this year I’m blogging it and I have only read two blog posts on it so I THINK I’m still safe ūüėõ

If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, then you are probably a non-Aussie reader because Hairhouse Warehouse is where we go to buy all the premium hair brands { this is where I bought my Joico set } and professional hair tools and they also sell Ardell lashes and OPI.  Stop me now because I am going off tangent and thinking about going shopping!!!

Anyway, the Hairhouse Warehouse Platinum Blitz Box is under $30 Р$29.95 to be exact Рand you get a whole box of goodies valued at $130.  One word РAWESOME!

What’s inside? ¬†Well, you get to choose Pack 1 or Pack 2 and you get a little surprise too…

What's inside the Platinum Blitz Box?
Due to time constraints, I had to borrow some stock images from www.hairhousewarehouse.com.au and I cannot give you a detailed review on any of the products, but here are some quick points from me :-

  • I have used Goldwell previously and my hair LOVED it!
  • The Shower Comb is fabulous! ¬†I have wide toothed combs but not one designed to hang inside my shower.
  • If memory serves me right, there was also a “$20 off any salon service” voucher in last year’s box but it never got used because you can only redeem it on services over $100…and well, I didn’t have spare change like that last year…
  • And if you think the crimper is going to crimp cramp your style, think again because my hair guru, Hair Romance, said crimping is back!

Hairhouse Warehouse Platinum Blitz Box was indeed sent to me by PR but as always, all opinions are my own and I NEVER sell my soul for any PR samples of beauty products. ¬†Like I mentioned, I bought a box last year and it was VERY good value for money – so don’t miss out and check it out at your nearest Hairhouse Warehouse.

Have you bought any of the previous HW Blitz Boxes?  What other bargains can you buy for under $30?