Second date!  Second date!  Second date with Urban Decay…as promised last week!  My Urban Decay Fairy Godmother presented me with Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box and I swooned when I saw the cool packaging.  The palette is in an awesome wooden box which slides open on the top left hinge.  Now, that is just genius!  It’s like none of my other eyeshadow palettes so yeah, the packaging impressed me before I even looked at what it contained!

There’s definitely no disappointments with the contents of Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box.  10 eyeshadows – great colours and many combos to be created with them.  There’s also a brush and side mirror to help you if you’re out and about with this palette.  I didn’t actually put the brush to the test but let’s be honest here; it’s not gonna be a killer brush but it’s adequate for touch-ups on the go.

UDPP Is Magic

And ooh la la!  How cute is the mini Urban Decay Primer Potion?!!!  If you have oily eyelids and you haven’t tried this yet, you are sorely missing out!  Not only does it make eyeshadows pop, it also prevents them from creasing so easily.  (*whispers* But don’t worry, I have a UDPP giveaway coming up in a couple of weeks for my loyal readers…hushhh!!)

BTW, according to Urban Decay, Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box is eco-friendly so woohoo, if you’re an eco-lover!

From left to right : YDK (bronzed mocha with golden microglitter), Flipside (electric teal with blue sheen), Grifter (sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter), Uzi (metallic silver with big iridescent sparkles), Twice Baked (brownie brown with gold glitter), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (golden beige with bronze, gold, & silver glitter),  Flash (bright iridescent purple), Oil Slick (black with silver glitter),  Kiddie Pool (ocean blue with iridescent glitter),  Half Baked (subtle, lustrous bronze)

Likes :  10 shades to choose from, comes with mini UDPP, mini brush and mirror, fab eco-friendly packaging
Dislikes :   Mini UDPP runs out pretty quickly and if you’ve already got other UD palettes, you’ll realise that there are some repeat shades
Overall :  I love it!  But then again, I’m totally biased because I am a sucker for packaging and a sucker for cute dinky products like the mini UDPP.


So I totally suck at swatching…and I somehow lost the photo but here’s one of them of the top row…

If I was a better beauty blogger, I would not publish this post until the swatches were perfect…but alas, it is 2am in the morning when I write this and I am tucked up in bed…so nah, but you just have to trust me that the eyeshadows are amazing…but they only popped when swatched on top of UDPP!!  Without UDPP, the eyeshadows lose its vibrancy and do not stand out at all.

Anyway, if you really, really, really want me to swatch better, let me know in the comments and I’ll update it when I have time.

Where To Buy

For US readers : Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box can be purchased on the Urban Decay website $36 USD.
For UK readers : Urban Decay Sustainable Eye Shadow Box can be purchased in Debenhams for £27 GBP.
For Aussie readers :  Sadly, there are no Urban Decay stockists in Australia, but there are parcel-forwarding services if you desperately crave Urban Decay.

For the third and last Urban Decay eyeshadow palette review – same time, same place, next week?  It’s a third date!  And on the fourth date, I’ll let you know how you can win a UDPP!!!

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  1. i love this shadow box! I got to play around with my friend’s and all the colors were gorgeous. You’re right on the primer part though, its a must to use the primer for it to show up and last well 🙂

  2. UDPP = Wow! I didn´t realise it made that much of a difference!
    Gonna steal some from my sister now!

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