Sometimes, I revert into my cutesy girly mode and I love all things pink and shiny.  This is how I ended up buying VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

VO5, hairspray, ultimate hold, pretty & pink
Product Description

Hairspray with 5 vital benefits :-
1.  All day hold that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to touch
2.  Weather protection provides a shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz
3.  Ultra-fine fast-drying spray, with no sticky residue
4.  Healthy shine to finish your style
5.  UV filter to help protect against environmental damage

My Opinions

  • Handy travel size which fits into my handbags and does not weigh a ton
  • Has a nice pleasant smell (unlike some hairsprays)
  • I like it because my hair doesn’t go rock hard and have that frizzed out hairspray look
  • I use it all the time on straight hair to tame flyaway ends and on wavy hair, to hold the curls
  • Closely matches the product description and delivers the 5 vital benefits
  • Highly recommended 9 out of 10

VO5, hairspray, ultimate hold, curls, trio of pics

In conclusion :  VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray, you had me from hello!

3 Comments on VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

  1. ritneyS
    22/04/2011 at 2:01 pm (7 years ago)

    My mother introduced me to the Shielo Volume Hairspray a few years ago and I have never gone back to another product and or even tried a new product. I definitely found what I was looking for with the hairspray. The price is good for a premium hairspray. It is lightweight but holds very well. It doesn’t leave any residue on your hair no matter how much you use! I can spray my hair at five thirty in the morning and when I come home around four o’clock in the afternoon my hair is still held nicely in place.

    I also sometimes use it when my hair is still wet to add volume and hold. It is the best hairspray I have ever used and I would recommend it to anyone!

    • Ling Tung
      23/04/2011 at 2:52 pm (7 years ago)

      @ritneyS, Where can you buy Shielo products?

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